Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Trouble Sleeping?

Angie here: How well do you sleep? Have you ever tossed and turned or stared at the ceiling because of stress, worry, or an injustice? I have. I think the worst is injustice, especially when it's based on lies. Can you relate? You just can't get comfortable, erg!

A painful struggle is when lies are at the root of the injustice. Have you experienced that kind of thing before? I sure have. It always feels like the person or people involved are behaving like they're back in junior high. I can't figure that out. Why do people really think it lowers esteem for the victim? I think about how God will expect an answer for what we do. And, to be frank, I do have less respect for people that lie or manipulate to get their "high" by putting a target on another person.

Can you imagine being "that guy"? The one who justified the lie so mere humans would be manipulated into believing the lie but you didn't see the bigger picture when God turns His eyes on the liar. Don't want to be that guy (or gal)! Does that person have trouble sleeping?

My very favorite book deals with this from a maligned mother's perspective. It's called Leota's Garden by Francine Rivers. Very beautifully handled. I've read it twice and have my own hardback copy.
Has a book connected
with a real life situation
for you before?

Are you sleeping? If not, take a look at this Psalm and use it to pray for peaceful rest. 

I pray this Psalm when I feel targeted. I pray it for you too if you're in a similar situation. I pray that you'll rest in the Great Defender and rest well!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Weather Outside

Diana here:

The weather where I live is finally looking like spring.
What's your favorite part of this season?

This is mine:

When I walk out of my house the fragrance sweeps over me. I have one lilac bush and my neighbor has them planted like a fence down the side of his house. The smell always makes me think of measuring time. When the lilacs bloom it was closer to the time school would dismiss for the summer.

It meant tossing the heavy coat into the closet and forgetting I had one. Riding bikes, flying kites and having more time to play outside because the sun set later.

As I grew older it seemed to be the best time to fall in love. Every thing around me is fresh, new and so much color after the gray winter. Yes, spring is my favorite season--until fall comes.

And because it's spring I've a giveaway for you. 10 Steps For Creating a Romantic Date at home. 

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