Monday, July 20, 2015

Some Dreams Take Time

Angie here: Some dreams take time to come to fruition. Like years...

Podcasting equipment. Fe-lion not included...
So a couple of years ago, I wanted to do my own podcast. But life was a bit on the unsettled side. And, I had no idea what I was doing.

Last April 2014, I took a course on how to set up and launch a podcast. Then my youngest son graduated college, I was on a long speaking circuit, an illness wiped me out for about six weeks, and then my dad passed away. Then I had two book deadlines and my speaking circuit season hit again.

I never did get the podcast up and running, till now. But anyone can understand why, right? Then I had been away from all I learned for too long. So I started listening to podcasts on podcasting, ordered the book Podcasting for Dummies, and began prepping all over again. I ordered my equipment right before leaving on a major speaking trip to Florida.

And here it is! Woot! Like I said, some dreams take time. But it gave me time to develop the idea and get some fun things to go with colorful pop filters and wind screens, lol. I have a ton of colorful wind screens!

Here's my album art:

I hired my son, Forrest Leder, to help me begin because...yes, it's true I'd forgotten... he went to college and learned all this stuff. I honestly didn't know what all he'd learned. In the time he was at university, he took a ton of classes on performance type things.

We have the "00" episode in the can...basically, this is the episode that tells you what my podcast is about and what you can expect from it.

What's my podcast? So glad you asked:
Grace Under Pressure Radio.
When is it? Tuesdays on iTunes.
When does it debut? July 28, 2015.
What's it about? Becoming a woman of courage, confidence, and candor. (And the first episode will tell you more so I invite you to listen on July 28th.)
Where can you find it? Actually, that's the easy part. You can search iTunes on July 28th for Grace Under Pressure Radio with Angela Breidenbach in the Health/Self-help area. It'll also be listed under Christian podcasts. Or you can go to any time. That will take you to this website (and here's the live link) where every episode will be posted weekly

Why can't you hear it right now, today? Because it's in production this week and not all the links will be live until July 28th. Then it will be weekly after that.

Other tips on podcasts: The more episodes that go up, the easier it will be to listen when you want. Once the Grace Under Pressure Radio episode is live on iTunes and/or my website, those recordings will stay there. So you can go back and listen to any you want at any time. New ones just won't be posted until Tuesday's release times.

For the first month of the debut launch for Grace Under Pressure Radio, I'm setting up some really fun stuff. When people listen, subscribe, and leave a review I'm going to have a thank you gift for them. And yes, that's all in the works this week too! (Really, I'm trying to get some sleep, but I'm very excited...and a little stressed...trying to make it all happen.)

More on it shortly, but for now I just wanted to give you all a little heads up on this newest development in my life.

What's new in yours? Any dreams you've been working on starting to seem within reach?

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rain, Rain Go Away

Diana here:

Is it sunny where you live?

In the Mid-West we have been thinking about building an ark. Since June the rain has dripped, drizzled and come in a downpour.

My area has had over 10 inches of rain for the month of June. Rivers, creeks and basements are flooding.

There is so much to do outside, mowing grass, painting, planting and riding bikes but it can't be done. 

The only thing left to do is *gasp* READ!

What do you like to do on a rainy day?