Monday, December 8, 2014

Surprise Gift!

Angie here:
Color me vibrantly surprised when suddenly, while washing dishes, a lost memory popped into my head!
(I don't have a matching picture so thought I'd just share a vibrant one. It displays all the joy I felt through amazing color.)

Now it seems like we all have a few of those memories. But I actually lost a lot of memory after a surgery over a dozen years back. Oddly it was a lot of memories from my junior and senior high time. I've had friends share pictures of those times. I've felt a bit awkward asking to be filled in. But they usually do it kindly. 

 So when this one rushed in, it felt like I'd been given a surprise gift! It was a fun memory of a skit from the musical Annie. My friends and I sang and danced on stage in a talent show to It's A Hardknock Life. I'd been reminded by those friends. I'd even seen a picture. But my memory was completely gone about that incident. So the pictures and stories felt foreign. 

But the surprise gift must have been working in my subconscious. And I watched the Macy's Parade a few days ago where little girls did that same song on a float. One tossed around a rag. Then I had an inkling. A snippet that I remembered doing that too. But the snippet was a flash and gone. 

Today I think I remember most of it. My memory loss can only be described as looking at a blank chalkboard. I can't describe it better. It feels like there are still some blanks in the memory but that I somehow know most of it is there. 

And I feel very blessed by being able to recall that happy time :)

Do you have a happy memory you feel glad to recall of time with friends?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Many blessings this Thanksgiving! We wish you and your family and friends a wonderful holiday full of love and sharing.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How do you remember?

Angie here: I've been slowly returning from a deep period of grief. I lost my dad. It's been 2 months and I still can't believe it. Most people would say, "Hey, he was 80." But he didn't look or act like he was ready to go.

So I sit here, surrounded by his stuff, wondering what to do with it all. A little morose. Maybe you've been there too, in that grief place where you aren't ready to let go. I mean, if you let it all go then what happens? Is his stuff just absorbed into the next person's life? And then what happens to their stuff-of-life?

I've always wanted to write the stories of my ancestors. To dig in and find out who they were. To share those lives through historical fiction, but with very accurate facts and details. I just never, ever thought about it for someone so close to me. They were always distant ancestors. Now I wonder how my dad will be remembered for future generations. How will I? How is anyone?

Why do we bother to paint, write, collect things? Why do we have certain tastes and interests if they're just disposable? Have you ever wondered about all that?

Is the stuff-of-life just absorbed and forgotten? Is it how we become who we are? Is there something so much bigger that the stuff-of-life here on earth is just wasted on us until we see it more clearly in Eternity?

Tell me how do you remember those who've gone before and for how many generations? Who are the people you come from? What of those people might be part of you?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall is here!

Missy, here. The weather in Georgia has turned cool. And we've received the pumpkins at our church pumpkin patch! It's a fundraiser for the youth group. Always so fun to see the loads arrive. I need to go buy our pumpkins this week!

Also! I hope you'll come join in the Autumn Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt! It starts today. Click the logo to go to stop #1 to find out how it works. My blog is Stop #18, and I'm doing an additional giveaway. Please come enter!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

International Go back to Church Sunday is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is International Go Back to Church Day!
Will you be in Church this Sunday?

Do you attend church every week?

I am pretty good about being there every Sunday but the digital sign I saw this morning announcing Go Back to Church Day had me thinking.

Even though I'm in a pew on Sunday mornings am I really there? Sure my body is but what about my mind? The sign reminded me that I need to bring all of me, be present in what is being said, learn, receive forgiveness the way it's meant to be felt. As if I've come sobbing to someone I love to please forgive what I've done and then experience that incredible feeling of relief and happiness when they say, "It's okay. I forgive you."

So that's my plan for International Go Back to Church Day. I'm taking all of me inside those doors.

Have you ever felt that way, not quite at church?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A New Release and a Giveaway!

My new release from Love Inspired, The Guy Next Door, is available on Harlequin and can also be preordered at other sites. And it'll be available at some sites on the 15th! For now, I wanted to tell you about a giveaway I'm doing at Goodreads. I hope you'll drop by!

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back to School -- with Missy Tippens

I probably post about this every year. But it's that time once again. The beginning of the school year.

photo credit: iStock/Sandralise 

No, I'm not a teacher anymore. But I do still have two kids in school. One is a sophomore in college. He just started back to class this week. It was tough leaving him at the dorm…

Continue reading this post at my personal blog by clicking here. (I'm trying to revive my personal blog so will be linking back and forth between there and here. I hope you'll bear with me while I try this new blogging method I've seen other bloggers use!)

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