Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Come Meet Mindy! An interview with Tuesday's poster, Mindy Obenhaus.

Q. How does it feel to be a grandma?! Do you think it'll change your writing (ie. writing stories with babies in them)?

A. A little strange, since my first grandchild was born when my youngest child was only two. Needless to say, my 5 kids are quite spread apart in age. And yes, we all started young.

It hasn't [changed my writing] so far. Although, having just seen my brand new granddaughter could inspire me.

Q. When did you first feel called to write? Or would you say you actually have a calling to write?

A. I "decided" to try my hand at writing about three years ago, and it quickly became my passion. However, it also launched me on a spiritual journey that took me be surprise.

Writing became my "calling" when The Lord impressed upon my heart that I was to write for Him. It was a mission I was reluctant to accept. I didn't want to be held accountable.
After much prayer (perhaps trying to beg my way out of it), I knew I was indeed called to write Christian fiction. As a result, the story I'd been working on flourished.

There's a freedom in writing inspirational. It allows you to explore facets of the characters' persona that are usually missing in secular works. Now I can't imagine writing anything else.

Q. What do you think about this common statement: Write what you know?

A. I think it's almost a given. We all have different life experiences, and each author brings their own unique perspective to their stories.

A former police officer might have no problem coming up with a blockbuster suspense novel, while the romantic aspect might escape them completely.

I also believe writers write what they're passionate about. Nowhere is that more true than in those who write historicals. They are enthralled by these by-gone eras, so research for them is a joy.

Q. Do you think God has given you a particular theme to write about--something that always appears in your stories?

A. I can't say He's given me a theme. That varies from story to story. As for branding, or elements that seem to show up in each story, I'd have to say kids and maybe animals.

Q. How long have you been writing, and how many manuscripts have you completed? What is the genre?

A. I've been writing for about 3 years. I finished my first manuscript in about 8 months, only to find out that I just had a really bad first draft. I joined RWA and North Texas Romance Writers, and later ACFW. I worked at honing my craft. Something that never ends, by the way. I'm working on my second manuscript now, though I have file folders on at least half a dozen other stories waiting to be brought to life.

As for genre, it depends on who you ask. Some say romantic suspense, I say women's fiction with romantic and suspense elements. My works don't necessarily fit a specific format. They're about a character's journey, and that, to me, is what women's fiction is all about. The journey.


  1. Great interview.

    Mindy, your journey is interesting. I posted on my blog today about the passion of the call.
    I know I"m glad you were called to write for God. Otherwise, I might not have met you in the big sea of faces at RWA!!

  2. Hey,
    This sounds just like Mindy:-) Very well done.