Wednesday, January 10, 2007


What do you dream of doing? What is deep, deep down inside you that hasn't yet been fulfilled?

I spoke with a friend the other day about preparing for the empty nest. Mine's not quite empty, but with the devastating emotions as three of our kids left for college I had to refocus. You think I'm kidding? I cried for several days when the first graduated and left immediately on tour with the Continentals. I cried for two months when the next two graduated in the same year. I have three left. I couldn't allow myself to keep upping the ante on the length of mourning. So I prayed for the Lord's guidance.

Guess where he directed me? Uh huh, to the dreams I'd locked away in my youth. Now I know some of you think I'm still young. Yes, I am. At 42, I have a lot of life left ahead of me. But why hadn't I embraced those dreams earlier? God is so good. In his greater knowledge, he knew I needed percolating time. That's why those dreams simmered under the surface. Now that they are bubbling to the top, I'm in a place in my life that I can focus on them with all my heart.

And, that's where my friend is too. Is that where you are? Is it time to pray and visit the dreams God tucked deep down? Or are you still percolating? Don't give up on the dreams of your youth. God gave them to you in his wisdom. He made you just the way you are. Take some time and ponder if it is appropriate to nurture the goals waiting to leap out and make a difference in the world for Christ.

Leaping into His plan,



  1. I've been thinking about my dreams alot this week, Ang. How'd you know? Thanks for the post.

  2. My son is a junior, and I already start crying when I think of him graduating. Ugh. I dread the real thing if the imagining phase is this hard!

    I feel blessed to have been able to pursue serveral different dreams throughout my life. But all along, there's been this dream of publishing books. And somehow, I don't think that dream is going to let me go! It may take many more years, but I won't give up!