Monday, January 22, 2007

He IS in control. . .

Earlier this month I was in Oak Harbor, WA, a small town on Whidbey Island, off the coast of Seattle. I was visiting my daughter and 3-week-old granddaughter. The visit was enjoyable and relaxing, but as the time drew nearer for my departure, the weather became a great concern. Snow and ice were forcast for the whole area the day before I was due to leave. We weren't relishing a two-hour trip to the airport in those conditions, and weren't even sure if we could make it. Even if we did, I could be stuck at the airport for who knows how long.

On cue, Tuesday afternoon the storm blew through. And I do mean blew. 60 mph winds shook the little house overlooking Puget Sound. I thought, "Oh no. If this is just the beginning, I'll never make it out tomorrow."

As evening settled in, the rain continued, though the winds weren't nearly as strong. We decided to see what morning brought and planned to head out early in case the roads were bad.

The next morning, we woke to find cold temperatures, but not much else. While still breezy, there was no snow and the rain had stopped. As we crossed to the mainland we began to see dustings of snow. Closer to Seattle, an inch or so. At the airport? Nothing. No rain. No snow. All flights were on schedule. We said our teary farewell and I headed home to Texas.

That night, I called my daughter to let her know I'd arrived safely. She said, "Mom, you're not going to believe this. When we got back to the island, everything was covered in snow."

"God is good," I thought, hanging up the phone.

Later that week, I got to ride out that same storm system as it swung deep into the plains and into Texas. Ice warnings were up every where. Between Friday night and Sunday we were expecting up to an inch of ice and freezing rain.

Let me just inject something here. I'm a weather junkie. If there's a storm headed in my direction, I will track it. I want to know when and with what intensity it's going to hit.

Saturday morning came. Temps were sitting at 32 degrees. Everything was wet, but no ice. Saturday evening. Temps still hovered at the freezing mark, but the worst was yet to come. Sunday's temps were going to drop into the upper 20's and there was another big band of moisture coming through.

To make a long story short, we waited all weekend for this ice storm they'd forcasted for days, that never materialized. Oh, there was some ice on trees and cars, but not much. Some overpasses were icy, but Monday's wind quickly dried them.

Ah, but my story doesn't end there. Tuesday evening into Wednesday was going to bring more ice and snow, this time dipping into central Texas, south of us. We were told we may see an occasional flurry of snow, but that would be it.

Surprise, surprise, surprise! Wednesday morning, my husband sat in bed drinking his coffee while I tried to catch those last few minutes of sleep. The radio played quietly and it suddenly dawned on me they were announcing school closings. Sure enough, the storm had tracked back to the north and caught everyone-including the weather people and the sanding trucks-off guard.

Daniel 2:21 says, "He changes times and seasons. . ."

I could only laugh and revel in the excitement my boys had when they saw the white outside their bedroom windows. I felt as though God had sent the snow as a reminder to me that He is in control. Things happen when He ordains them. Never early, never late. His timing is perfect.

And when they do happen, they're better than you imagined. An ice storm, while it would have been adventurous, wouldn't have afforded my sons hours of enjoyment building a snowman. Perhaps you've got your eye on one publishing house because they're easier to get into, yet God has another house in mind that will boost your career to a level you never imagined.

Has God ever reminded you that He's in control? Has something happened that could only be the hand of God? Remember it. Dwell on it. Share it with us. It may just be the encouragement someone else needs.


  1. Thanks, this was really good today! I do believe God is in control and that we all have personal reminders sent our way so that we don't forget that Truth.
    Have a great day and God bless,

  2. God bless you, Kay, and thanks for your comment.


  3. Mindy,

    Don't you just love it when God mixes stuff up?

    Hi Kay!!!! I can go to Mexico!!!

  4. Mindy,
    I think you were infused with the Holy Spirit in this blog. I really appreciated the excellent workmanship in your writing. You drew me into your story and then revealed a great lesson.
    good job and thank you,

  5. Mindy,

    This was a great reminder and one that I needed. Thank you.


  6. All is in God's perfect timing!! I tell myself that almost daily.

    Thanks for the post, Mindy.

    P.S. I'm glad you got home safely!

  7. I'm glad your trip to come visit me helped you see this, Mom, although it is strange to read about myself on the net! I love you, Mom! Aila's getting so big!