Thursday, January 18, 2007

Missy Tippens is quite fascinating...want to know why?

Missy is such an interesting soul. Right now in fact, I think she's saying..."Fascinating?" That's because she's also a humble and Godly woman. I'm thrilled to introduce you to my friend and new blogging partner-Missy Tippens.

A fascinating Miss
by Angie Breidenbach

AB: I actually met you in Atlanta this year when you were a Golden Heart finalist. What did it feel like to be a G H finalist?

MT: It was a dream come true! I couldn't believe it. I think I may have been in shock. Truly! :) It was even more exciting to have it happen in 2006 because the conference was in Atlanta, so my husband could come to the awards ceremony. Any other year, he wouldn't have been able to do that. So it was very special.

AB: What do you think helped you the most to become a finalist?

MT: That's easy. Persistence. The more you enter, the greater your chance of finaling! And that's because there are so many things that need to fall into place, the main one being the luck of the draw on judges. You need to get judges who score high, and who like your particular story or style. I've learned that you can have a manuscript that's won multiple other contests but still won't final in the Golden Heart. I also had my GH finalist manuscript do terribly in another contest about the same time. It's all very subjective. My advice to anyone reading this: Don't ever give up! One time, it'll be your turn to get the GH call. :-)

AB: What writer's conferences do you attend and why?

MT: I've attended RWA National and American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) conferences. I've also attended our local conference, Georgia Romance Writers Moonlight & Magnolias Conference, as well as a couple of other local conferences in Tennessee and Alabama. There are lots of reasons to attend! But I'll give what I gained most from each one.

RWA is the best for workshop offerings. I have learned SO much about writing there. Plus, it's great for networking and meeting online friends in person. The ACFW conference is the best for meeting agents and editors in the Christian fiction industry. Also, the fellowship there is outstanding. M&M offfers excellent workshops as well. And any of the smaller conferences are great for networking with editors and agents just because of the smaller number of attendees. You might actually get to eat a meal or hang out in the lobby with an editor or agent.

I'm also looking forward to the Faith, Hope & Love Chapter's second annual one-day conference if I'm able to make RWA this year. But I have to choose either RWA or ACFW in 2007--can't afford both. This decision is going to be so hard!

AB: What do you feel is the most significant thing that has helped you grow into the author you are today?

MT: Tough question! I truly couldn't pick just one. But I think I can give two or three. :-)

One, my critique group (Thanks, Lindi, Meg and Maureen!). I didn't final in a contest until after I had started working with them. And speaking of contests. That's number two. The contest feedback, even as painful as it's been, has really helped. Once I get over the initial hurt (and, dare I admit, bitterness?! ), I can look at the comments again and glean helpful info. I've also been blessed with a great local chapter (GRW) that has a March workshop each year where our pubbed authors volunteer to critique a couple of chapters and synopsis. The feedback from that has been invaluable.

Another thing that has changed me and my writing has been learning to wait for God's timing. I'm not trying to do this all under my own power anymore.

AB: What are things in your life that are non-negotiables? Things you won't change for anyone else? Foods you won't give up, lol? Had to toss that in for a smile:-)

MT: French fries, parmesan cheese (any cheese actually), hazelnut Moolattes, and brownies (the fudgy, dark chocolate kind). :-)

Also, I won't write anything that I'm not proud of. (No graphic sex scenes for me. My dad's got to be able to read it! ) Actually, when I first started writing, I did write some love scenes. But I never could stand for anyone to read them except for my husband. (That should have told me something right then.) So I'm thankful that the one I submitted got rejected! God gave me this gift and this opportunity, so I have to write what I feel He's calling me to write. That's non-negotiable.

Family has to be my first priority, just like they would be with any other job I might have. God first. Then family. Then everything else.

Thanks so much, Angie!!

AB: No, thank you! You are truly a woman after God's own heart. We appreciate the blessing that you add to our lives.



  1. Missy, It's so wonderful to read this and get to know you better. Frankly, you've always seemed very mysterious to me.

  2. Missy,
    I'm picturing your magnetic smile as I read this. I'm with you on so many points you made about writing and French Fries!
    Great interview, ladies!


  3. Missy,

    I can't believe you didn't put chocolate on that list! As for the conferences, I've got your solution. Since they're both in Dallas, you can just fly out here for RWA, then you can stay with me until ACFW! Voila! Only one plane ticket.


  4. Missy, I agree with Mary -- ever since I saw your name on the FHL site, I've been drawn to you. Now that in itself is mysterious. LOL
    I loved this interview! Angie did a great job and while we got to finally meet and chat A LITTLE at the ACFW conference, I regret not sitting down with you or having lunch with you. I'm praying you select the ACFW conference... or both!

  5. Hey, Mary, thanks for stopping by! And you, too, Jess! I hope the blog will be a way to get to know all of you better. Of course, in person at conferences would be much better! Now I've got to hope that one of the conferences will work out with my teaching schedule! I hadn't thought of that until the other day.

    Christy, I'm glad I'm not the only french fry freak! :) And Mindy, I can't believe I forgot chocolate! I've been on a brownie kick the last week or so. I've made three pans!!


  6. Missy,

    My great friend. This interview spells out how heartwarming it is to be around you.
    You are a wonderful friend.
    Who has a birthday coming up.

    (Thought I'd forget that, huh?)

  7. And hi Mary and Jess. Thanks for stopping by. We hope you'll visit often.

  8. Missy, one day I'll make the trek across the Pacific to RWA or`ACFW conference and meet you over french fries or brownies (or both!)

  9. Hi Narelle,
    At RWA last year, I think Missy and I ate dinner in the sports bar almost every night. Chips, salsa, cheese sticks. So fries and brownies are right up our alley.
    Thanks for visiting.

  10. Hey, Narelle! So good to see you. Yes, I hope we'll get to meet in person someday.

    If you'll come over here, I promise you the very best french fries--McDonald's. Of course, you probably have that there! LOL


  11. Happy birthday, Missy. I think I emailed you a day early and a day late. NEVER ON TIME!!!!!!!
    And THAT should be my middle name.
    Mary "Never on Time" Connealy

  12. Thanks, Mary! Hey, I'm not picky. You can tell me happy birthday anytime you want. :)