Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Prayer for Missy ~ better late than never

I'm thankful Angie was there to answer Missy's call for help earlier today. I discovered at the same time I was having technical difficulties and although I was available to post on Missy's behalf, I simply couldn't log in!! Finally, my error is repaired and I'm sharing my prayer for Missy, one that looped through our F.A.I.T.H. group via email:

Dear Lord,

We thank You for the knowledge You placed in man to invent the telephone and Internet. Please help Missy to have the patience she needs when she makes the call to Windstream tonight. I pray she listens to Your gentle urgings to be firm, but polite, and I pray the customer service person on the other end is helpful.
I pray she listens to You - instead of doing what I did and going ballistic with that poor Bell South guy a month ago.
In Jesus' name, Amen.


  1. Christy, thank you so much for the prayer! I made the call. I was firm but very polite. I asked to be passed up to a supervisor, and she was very nice and did so. The next person I talked to was able to tell me that they had made a mistake by not checking back with me to see if the phone was working. She told me they would get it fixed by noon Friday.

    At 2pm Friday, I called again from my cell phone. I reached a different supervisor who said she would contact HER supervisor. That person put someone on the case. And by the time I got home around 3:30, I had phone service!!

    And all without having to get ugly with the company workers. :)

    Thanks for jumping in and posting for me, Christy!!


  2. This prayer still makes me smile!!! LOL, it is so much an issue for everyone to maintain self-control when we are angry. It is also one very important part in showing that our Christian faith is real. God help me to allow you to lead me through anger and frustration.