Saturday, January 13, 2007

Season of Growth

As we embark on this new blogging adventure, it occurred to me that we are all in a Season of Growth. For some this is their first blog and for others this is their second blog, but first group blog. God is always growing us and helping us to evolve into the people He created us to be. This growth can have its share of "growing pains" and changes.

In my personal life I'm in a huge season of growth and change. In the last five months my family moved to a new home in a new city. I took a new job. My husband is in the process of expanding his business into our new city. My daughter started a new school. We're attending a new church. I'm now leading a new Girl Scout Brownie troop. Everything is new. It would only make sense that something in my writing life be new as well. Then I was asked if I would like to join the new F.A.I.T.H. blog. It is such a blessing to be blogging with my wonderful colleagues. Along with this growth is the fact that I have started writing my first contemporary. This is a huge stretch for me as I typically write historicals.

When everything is moving so fast. as with all the recent changes in my life, I need to stop and take perspective on my life and on the loved ones around me. Is this God's Will? How am I reacting and adapting to it? Do I have a Godly attitude? When I ask these questions, God usually shows me something new. This time He changed the focus of my writing prayers and my writing life.

While I have been writing for a number of years, I didn't try my hand at Christian fiction until 2006 after a long three-year break. I managed to convert two manuscripts to Christian fiction, completed a new manuscript, and started plotting and writing two new manuscripts. I found that I was rushing through everything, trying to make up for lost time. My prayers have been similar to "help me get published, Lord. Let my manuscript get in front of the right person (editor) at the right publishing house at the right time." Shift. Refocus. What does God want me to do? Before He touches someone through my writing, before I get it published, He wants me to make it the best that it can be. My prayers are changing to "Lord, help me to be a better writer. Show me what you want me to write. Guide me, teach me, and mold me into the writer that You want me to be. I pray that my writing glorifies You."



  1. Jennifer, your post really hit me. In a good way! In some of the things you said, it was like looking in the mirror. And in others things, it showed me that's where I need to be heading. Thanks so much. Christy

  2. Excellent point, Jennifer. I think we all need to pray that. I know I'm constantly having to refocus.

    But I still pray, please let me earn extra income with my writing! :)


  3. Jennifer,
    Thank you for being so real in sharing the change you are going through. What an excellent example! I prayed that prayer with you. It takes the "me" out of it and refocuses on God's hand in my life.


  4. It's hard to die to self and let God work. Yet He does things so much better than we could ever imagine. Your prayer should be our mantra. Thanks, Jen.