Friday, January 12, 2007

A year of Firsts

For me, 2006 was a year of firsts.
-Watching my daughter walk for the first time.
-Celebrating her first birthday.
-Visiting Las Vegas.
-Realizing after most of my life that I was supposed to put God first.
-Then actually doing something about it!

I added bible study to my morning routine which consisted of rising early, starting coffee, and booting up my computer to write or revise a chapter of my manuscript. Soon, I added prayer to that morning. Then I found myself praying about things or people or issues in my life as I washed the dishes, watched Barney with my daughter, pushed her in the swing or simply drove down the road to the grocery store. For the first time, I’m realizing I can talk to God anywhere – out loud or silently – and he’s there, listening.

About this time, I realized if I was going to write anything, it needed to glorify the Lord, because – for me – it wasn’t worth doing otherwise. After all, he had answered a huge prayer for me, one I did pray about before my daughter was born, for me to be able to stay at home with her and write. It was a journey, a hard one for my husband and I to get to this point, but I know God’s hands were and still are at work in our lives. How could I turn my back when he had answered a prayer so important to me?

To add to my year of firsts, I returned to church after a few years absense. I went ALONE, a huge step for me, one I know put me in the right direction. I joined Romance Writers of America– and went to the local chapter meeting ALONE. As you get to know me, you’ll learn that doing things without someone else by my side is a big step for me, even though I’m a responsible adult. Go figure.

At the RWA meeting, I met two lovely ladies, Lindi and Missy, who told me about a Christian writers group and invited me to their local chapter's meeting which was being held at a new location - a church only 10 minutes from my house. And I went, because it had to be a sign from my Heavenly Father that I was on the right track.

Now, seven short months later, I’m a part of this blog, formed to glorify our Heavenly Father.

Here’s hoping 2007 will be another year of blessed firsts!


  1. A new blog in town? How did I miss this? I'll have fun catching up --
    You go, girls!

  2. Hey, Jess! We're just launcing this blog and haven't really advertised it yet, so I'm so excited you found us!! This was a great idea that Lindi had after a retreat she attended. It's going to be great fun! I hope you'll come by again.

    Christy, great post! You sure did have an amazing year! Thanks for sharing your experiences.