Thursday, February 1, 2007

Belly flops are OK

While Missy's pinching herself over the exhiliration of her first sale, and Angie's mailing her full manuscript, I'm sweating over mine, trying to tweak those first 25 pages, and fretting about sending "my baby" off to her first contest.

I almost sent it a week ago, to a different contest, but something didn't feel right. Now, the biggie contest has been announced and I'm jumping on the bandwagon, manuscript in hand, ready to punch a few keys and send it soaring into cyberspace for someone to tell me what they think, tell me if I've got a finalist, a winner, or (realistically) give me some good pointers on what I need to do better next time.

But before I can push my young manuscript on stage, for her first close up, it's got to be perfect. Yet, what is perfect? What one thinks is wonderful, someone else thinks: "This stinks!"

Writing is subjective, or that's what the form rejection letters the agents send usually say.

I guess all of us are treading over uncertain waters. Yet, before we can tread, we first have to get our feet wet. Have you been walking along the shore of your ambition, worried about how deep the water is, or if the temperature is too cold?

Well, shuck off those shoes, girlfriend! Take that nose dive into the deep. It's okay if you belly flop! After all, I'd rather take a chance, feel the sting from the flop, than still be walking along that shore and not have given in to a little faith and chance.

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.


  1. Christy,
    Escort that baby to the end of the diving board, and push her off. LOL!
    I know what you mean about over analyzing and wondering whether its ready or not. I'm there with ya, sister. Fixin' to do some pushing myself. Let's just hope for some great feedback.

  2. Ooo, seeing that picture of me with a baby in my arms made me think I should have used a better analogy.
    Mindy, who's blushing in Texas

  3. Mindy, we won't take you literally on that comment! And I've been meaning to email you that I like the picture!

  4. LOL, Mindy, that's exactly what I thought you were referring to!! LOL

    Christy, I loved this post! Wven though I've entered a bunch of contests, I still need to be reminded to jump and risk belly flops. It applies to so many things in life.

    I'm so glad you're entering. I know you're in much better shape than I was in my first contest. Lindi's told me what a great writer you are. Oh, and let me tell you that there's no way you could do worse than me in your first contest. I tied for 35th place out of 37. No lie!! A tie! Me and one other poor person who has to see that list of scores. LOL

    I have to add, though, in all seriousness, that that score was devatstating. I was humiliated, crushed. But I got up, dusted off, (or maybe I should say I endured the sting of that whale of a belly flop) and kept going. And the work finally paid off!


  5. Missy, Thank you for the compliment and I appreciate that you shared one of your contest experiences. I'm glad you kept going, too, because it is so easy to just quit. It's so easy to give an excuse on why you can't do something. Heaven help each one of us!