Sunday, February 25, 2007

Check-In Sunday

Hi all. Go to our comments section to see what our bloggers have been up to this week writing wise. Or in the case of some of us, what we haven't been up to.


  1. Okay. Not a good week for me. My problem is I've got too many things going. I need to focus on one.
    I have 2 manuscripts I'm revising and one brand new idea that's taking up my brain cells.
    So my plan this week is to make a plan. Actually I'll make the plan today, hopefully post it later, then try and stick with it this week.

    What's everybody else been up too?

  2. Well, I had to look back at my comment of last Sunday to see what my goal was!! (Sad, but true! LOL!!!)

    Anyway, I did sit in my seat and I did write. Half of my goal was met. I think the problem I was having with the ms. I'm revising was the story wasn't moving forward, too stagnant, so I changed the setting for the first chapter so that my hero must make a move and for the next 2 chapters am planning for my heroine and secondary character to have already met. I think I had too many people meeting for the first time, and one of those 2 people could've met without me covering it during my scene.

    My goal for this week is to continue with this and still complete the synopsis for this ms. I need this synopsis completed as I'm sending it in to the Genesis in April and will need it for the Maggie contest by June. I just keep putting it off. I actually have an outline I found for the 1st draft and all I have to do is mesh these together. I just keep procrastinating!

    Goals for the week: 1)Write query letter for GRW meeting next month. 2)Have synopsis at least half way complete, 3)get through chapter 4 on revision, and 4)update personal blog. :-)

  3. Yea! I reached my goal. LOL! Like Christy, I had to go back and look to see what my goal was.

    I did manage to rework and redo the sections I wanted to, and they came out just the way I'd hoped. Gotta love that.

    My goal for this week is to finish the chapter I'm working on, of course to do that I have to figure out which scene is coming up next. Grrr. I hate that. I also need to work on a synopsis (grrr again), but I may hold off on that.

    There will be no checking in for me next Sunday as I'll be on my way to Seattle again to help my daughter move to California. Hopefully I can get some writing done while I'm gone.

  4. I made my goal today! I deleted my prologue and updated my first two chapters. I'm still not satisfied with chapter two, so that will be my goal for the rest of this week. I want to finish editing chapter two and enter my WIP in the Genesis Contest. Then I want to start chapter three.

  5. I'm checking in late. I wasn't online at all Sunday, which was a nice change of pace! :)

    I've been working on my revision letter. I've done most of the detailed items. Yay! But there are a few that have to be worked in as I do the broader revisions. I worked some today, but had too many distractions and didn't get much accomplished. Now that the kids are home, I'm moving on to my other goal for the week: Doing my taxes! Ugh. But it has to be done. My husband wants to mail them off on Friday.


  6. I put a lot of energy into cleaning up my online classes and business/pleasure travel. I'm prepping to run with book 2. I've gone back to prayer and revamping an idea that I didn't like and so it was acting like a wall. I'm closer to hurdling over it. Maybe another run at it with my pole positioned just right will help me sail over.