Monday, February 5, 2007


We're off!
Is everyone ready for a FABULOUSLY FUN week? I hope so. Montanta Chocolates are at stake!
This is my first day to blog since my dear friend Missy, who's also a blogger on this blog, sold her first book. I was so excited for her. I still am excited. Publication is something we're all working for. We have this desire inside us to write stories about characters who won't leave our heads, (well, they won't)who have situations which create conflict and strife, and who we want so badly to make happy.
Make nice. Resolutions fill our heads. Happy endings get punched out as our fingers type across the keys.
Maybe sometimes the resolutions aren't what we expected. Our characters take us on journeys we had no idea we'd be going on. But they're ours. And God's. Because we have committed to write books for His glory, to His honor, and with His blessing.
So, kudos to Missy!!
For those of you who don't know Missy, there's a photo of us on my blog. What function are we attending?


  1. I'm so excited to be the first to post for the Chocolate contest!! Your picture with Missy was taken at the 2006 Golden Heart Ceremony in Atlanta. This will be a good break each day, what a fun contest! Hope you have a great day!
    Jennifer McLemore

  2. You are the Golden Heart Ceremony.

    I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to post it here or on the other post about the contest. Whichever is wrong, ignore it.

    I really want that chocolate!!!!!

  3. And if you win, Lena, I'll expect you to share it with your critique group :-)


  4. 2006 Golden Heart Ceremony

    But if the answer is always in the comments, all we'd really have to do is copy the answer above us and never actually visit the blog . . .

    Is my mind just always finding the shortcut? I DID visit the site. LOL

  5. okay. That's totally weird. That last comment was left by Paula from GraceReign. ME! Why does it say it's from Sarah???

  6. Well, thanks to Mindy this is the first time I've visited your blog. Cool!

    Here's the answer for Monday: 2006 Golden Heart Ceremony

    Congratulations, Missy.

  7. Sarah/Paula, you're right! I guess we'll have to hope people are honest. (Strange about you showing up as Sarah. I guess you should check on your login stuff.)

    Thank you, Gina!!

    Best of luck to all of you on winning!


  8. I visited the site and love the dresses you are wearing at the 2006 Golden Heart Ceremony. :) Love the shoes, too. :)

    This is a fun idea and the chocolates sound yummy. :)

  9. You were at the 2006 Golden Heart Ceremony.

    Congratulations to Missy, btw!

    And since Valentine's Day is also my birthday, I hope I remember to post a comment each day. Winning would be a sweet birthday treat. :)


  10. Thank you, Jill. And happy birthday!!!


  11. I'm wondering if this Audra who's posting is the one who is my "twin sister" or another Audra....



  12. just popping over to see if I'm still Sarah or if I'll come up as myself. :o)

  13. WEIRD!! I'm me again!!

    Maybe you all should pray for this blogger I met today while trying to figure out if I'd come up as the wrong person again--looked like a real spiritual seeker and I left a long comment. Maybe all that weird stuff was just so I'd do that or something. So . . . say a prayer for that person, okay?

    And I am still in for the chocolate from the Golden Heart Ceremony under Paula, right? You have my mouth watering!!

  14. At the Golden Heart Ceremony! The chocolate sounds sooooooo yummy! What a fun contest!
    Thanks for the invite,

  15. You're at the Golden Heart Ceremony.

  16. Wow! Thanks to everyone for posting. It's great to see you all here.
    Come back tomorrow for another question and another chance to win the Chocolate!!
    Happy Early Valentines Day!!

  17. Hi, Missy - I'm another Audra. :) At least I don't think I have a twin yet. :)

  18. The 2006 Golden Heart Ceremony.

    I'd love to get an ARC of Missy's book to review once it is available...

    Bren from ACFW