Sunday, February 4, 2007

How Exciting is this!

You too can get your very own special Montana chocolates!


We're so glad you asked that;-)

For the next week, we are going to offer you 6 opportunities to win a box of your very own Montana chocolates. What's so special about them?

So glad you have a wondering mind...

In this lovely box of chocolates you will find confections with huckleberries, cherries, and some unusual combinations of specially made candies. Oh if you find some rocks in the box, they are edible too.


My goodness you are a curious soul!

We'd like you to get to know the different authors and their writing. So we are going to have a fun scavenger hunt all week long. All you have to do to enter once each day (for a total of 6 entries) is find the question and the hidden answer.


Mwahahahaha...Each of us will post as usual. But in that post will be a question that the answer is only found on our personal blog or site. We'll let you know which. Find the correct answer by clicking on the link, come back and post it in the comments. We'll gather your names each day. All the names will be sent to Angie in ... Montana (we know that's such a surprise.)


That's right, just post a comment with the correct answer while you visit 6 different sites-one a day-to get your chance to enter 6 times for the amazing, yummy, fantabulous Montana chocolate. (Ask around, the bear claws and huckleberry chocolates were a hit at the ACFW chocolate party this last conference!)

In a chocolate covered nutshell, we are having a Valentine contest just to have some fun and grow our relationships with you.
We really look forward to picking a winner and it could be YOU!

Do you have 3-5 minutes a day to risk?

How could you not?

Just could be the one tasting a very special Montana chocolate bear claw, chewing the delectable concoction of dark chocolate (or milk chocolate) buttery caramel and cashews or enjoying the deep purple sweet huckleberries covered in milk or dark chocolate.

The winner?

Picked on Sunday evening, Feb 11th. Angie will announce the winner and check for allergies so you get the most delectable choices that you (and not your kids) get to eat all by yourself. Then she'll mosey on down to the specialty shop and pick them out with specifically YOU in mind. The awesome scrumptuous delights will be in the mail to you, the winner, Monday afternoon, just in time for Valentine's.

Come play with us:-D

Angie and all the gals at F.A.I.T.H.


  1. OOOOOHHHHH!!! I had some of those bear claws at the ACFW chocolate party (I am the pres, you know) and they were fabulous. I'd almost be willing to sell my soul for some of that. Goodness, that sounded sacrilegious. How about I just play this game with you all if it's not too hard for my brain to figure out.

  2. This sounds yummy! I may have to play. :)

  3. You are attending the Golden Heart ceremony.

    I hope this is the correct way to enter.