Saturday, February 10, 2007

Just Live!

I've been reading the posts of my fellow bloggers this week and it seems as if we are all recovering from something. God is using our individual testimonies to minister to others either through our novels, fellowships, speeches, blogging, or a number of avenues.

I, too, am recovering -- from 4 years of spiritual correction and am now being prepared for the next Season in my life. How many of you have come through something and began to fear what you will have to go through next? While fear is not of the Lord, the Bible does say that fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Psalm 111:10). I joked with my husband, "I must be gaining a lot of wisdom."

These 4 years seemed like a lifetime. Have you ever suffered isolation? We were isolated. When they cut off the phone, I was thrilled. No more calls from bill collectors. Yeah! (We have to find the good in everything, right?) No phone, no Internet, no cable, no car that could drive us further than work and home. No eating out, no insurance, no movies, no hair cuts (except home cuts), no healthy food, and it felt like no life. It was just us and Jesus. I had already sold all my books. I'm trying to rebuild my library now. I cried as I took my writing references to the book store. We needed gas and groceries.

A college degree, 10 years experience, nothing got me into the doors of a job that would save us and take it all away. We lived with the threat of more being taken. For 24-solid months a threatening foreclosure letter arrived in the mail. Electricity gone at least four times. I felt like I lived in a third world country. When would it be over? What were we doing wrong? Do I tithe or pay my mortgage that's three months past due? Do we buy groceries or pay the light bill? Decisions like these were hard. We worked temporary jobs with no benefits, anything that would get us to the next day.

Then one day, the blessings came. I am here to tell you that God opens doors that no man can shut and opens doors that no man can open. When it was time, the right Season, God opened that door. From Summer 2004 to Summer 2006, God raised my salary by $30,000. That's God!

A year ago I asked God what he wanted me to do. The Holy Spirit said, "Just live!" Sometimes God wants to give us time to recover and he just wants us to enjoy life and live again. I had stopped living. I couldn't smell the flowers, see the beauty, hear the music, taste the honey, touch my dreams. Many of my dreams had died with some of the flesh God had purged out of me. But, through this process and recovery He's rebirthed new dreams. I'm starting to smell new fragrances that I never knew existed, see beauty I've never seen before, hear music that He sings to me, taste health, and reach for life-altering dreams.

I have survived and I am living again! I am not living my life anymore, I'm living the new life God has given me.

"Until now you have asked nothing in My name. Ask, and you will receive, that your JOY may be full." (John 16:24)


For the Contest!

To keep everyone from listing the same answer, what are some of the titles of my novels? List a title in the comments section that no one else has listed, yet. You can find my novels at my website. (If I run out of novel titles you can list article titles.)


  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Your newest book is Flaming Rose !


  2. Wow, Jen, you realy touched a cord with me. All I can say is praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow!


  3. God's been taking me through a similar journey as far as stripping away the foundation of my faith and rebuilding His foundation. He took us through a season of isolation to teach me how to fear Him more than 'man' and to trust Him.
    Now He's prompting me to reconnect and to really live and enjoy His blessings in my life. Fears still crop up and He is forcing me to face them.
    I appreciated your message. :)

    One of your novel titles is called Promised Blessings. :)

  4. Faith Endures is your completed Regency novel. I think this title fits well with your post, Jennifer. You surely went through a terribly difficult trial, but by God's grace, your faith endured. I don't know if the novel reflects that (though I'll bet it does) but the title sure does. :)


  5. Jennifer, I think it took a lot of guts to post that and I appreciate your doing it. I was speechless and moved.

    One thing that came to my mind (and maybe it came from my heart) is wondering if you still needed help rebuilding your library of books. If you do, I hope you'll let me know. I'd like to send you something and it's not out of charity or feeling sorry for someone, it's just something I'd like to reach out and do.

    Sincerely - Christy

  6. Audra,

    It sounds like we've walked similar paths. Keep claiming God's promises, they're yours to keep.


    In "Faith Endures," my heroine feels abandoned and forsaken by God, but she discovers His loyal love and a faith she thought was dead. Thank you.


    I can't hide from a testimony that God has worked so hard to create in me and I've worked so hard to overcome. Hidden things can't help others. God has a plan for what I've been through and if I hide it, He can't fulfull that plan.

    Thank you for your kind offer. My bookcase is starting to fill up again. God is a wonderful Restorer.


  7. Many blessings...

    gina n

    another title of yours...CANDID GRACE

  8. Jennifer,
    I loved your post. To God be the glory.....