Monday, February 19, 2007


I'm involved in a program through my church called Lay Missionary Training. I attend this course 1 weekend a month for 5 months. At the end of the program I'm supposed to have a plan of action for taking Jesus Christ out into the world.
It's a great program and I've learned so much.
One thing we had to do was fill out a personality profile. We answered 24 questions and received a 22 page report telling us why we are who we are. A gentleman came and spoke to us Saturday and continued the same vein of thought. We had more questions to fill out and talk about while we were there.
One of the questions from Saturday was if you could be an animal, what kind would you be?
My answer was a cat.
But I didn't stop there. I added these parameters. An indoor cat that is loved by a family. Not a stray cat.
There are 20 people in this class and out of the 20 there is one other writer. She and I were in the same group to discuss our answers. Interestingly enough she had the same answer. A cat. And she was specific also. One that is taken care of.
My answer definitely indicates one who wants to be taken care of. I know that about myself. That's why I love being married. Being taken care of has always been important to me. Not that I can't survive on my own. I did so for quite a few years before I met my husband.
But it's not my preferred way of living.
So, what about you? If you could be any animal you wanted, what would it be?


  1. This is really interesting because I would be a cat too. In fact, an indoor cat. I have 3. They have always been my favorite animals. But I see them as independent and as taking care of themselves inside the loving family. The family provides (like God does our every day needs) but the cat exists to bring pleasure and comfort to the family. Very interesting that our views are the same and so different.

  2. Lindi,
    I've been pondering this question for a full 24 hours! I'm embarrassed to say these questions stump me, I guess because my mind works in logic, most of the time.

    While I know it would be down right lovely to be a cat, for me, bird keeps coming to mind. It may be because my cats have passed away and birds and dogs are what I see every day, but I just love admiring the birds for their unique colors and the fast way they work to gather food and then they flitter away to the next destination. This is totally opposite of who I am - a home body. I'm truly a cat, wanting to be taken care of, but if I could be something for a day, just for fun, it would be a bird, to be able to soar free through the air!
    ~ Christy

  3. What a fun question, Lindi!

    Hmmm.... I just asked my 10-year old what she'd be. She said a dog. And that's what I had been thinking. I think I would want to be my family's dog who's spoiled rotten. He gets his back and ears scratched all the time (which I would love!), and he gets to snuggle on my daughter's bed every night (no dog house for him), and he gets to sleep all day. His food is presented to him on a platter (well, a dog dish, anyway), and he has our other dog to play with when he wants to expend energy. He's also very trim and healthy! LOL