Sunday, March 4, 2007

Check-In Sunday

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday here in the South, but I want to lift up prayers to all who suffered from the tornado's and other winter storms across the country this week. I pray all will see God's hand, and embrace it, as they recover their belongings in the rubble and dig out after severe snows.

I also want to lift up a fellow writer and friend who's lost a loved one. My sympathy is with her and I miss her contact. Will be glad when she's back online.

Writing goals seem minor compared to mountains others are climbing, but they are our goals and we must tread forward. Check out our comments section to see how the F.A.I.T.H. Girls have done in achieving weekly goals!


  1. I finished my query letter and submitted it for the meeting in 2 weeks!

    I'm also half way through my synopsis!!! 2 Goals reached! Hooray! This was a hard start for me, but I'm anxious to get the rest on paper.

    Goals for next week: 1) Finish synopsis and edit down to have a one page and 5 page synopsis ready. 2) Hit the rest of the manuscript and get through chapter 4 on revision. 3)Begin habit of updating personal blog at least twice a week with substance and not just a CFBA book review that I haven't read!!!

  2. I managed to get through a few things myself this week. I have 2500 words written on a new project I've started. I had email with my mentor to dig into revising a requested ms. I've started judging another contest and loved the first entry.
    I also read the first chapter of a memmber of this blog and was blown away at how talented she is.
    So, a productive week. It feels good.

  3. I finished editing chapter 2, wrote chapter 3 and started chapter 4. I'm holding off on entering this particular WIP into the Genesis until I get some feedback from some readers. Then I plan to enter it.

    My goals for this week are: 1)Finish chapter four, and 2)Critique two chapters 3)Blog once on FAITH and my blogs

  4. I'm checking in late again this week. I've been sick and slept a good bit yesterday. I finally broke down and went to the doctor today. I do have a sinus infection, but at least the kids didn't "share" their strep with me. Thank goodness that test was negative. Maybe anitibiotics will help!

    I did finish getting taxes ready to send off, and now I'm back to revisions. That's my goal for the week: Make some uninterrupted time to be able to focus on the big picture revisions.

  5. Hi folks,
    I decided that I need to set aside my writing for a few days or weeks. The book I'm working on is about my mom. I didn't expect to lose her in the process. I decided that I would work on catching up on that to be read pile Mindy talks about in another post. I'll also work on my blog and this blog. I'm waiting to hear from the last submission. I pray that it will be favorable and I'll have to work on revisions for them:-) I'll get back to this book shortly, but I need to give myself a short break.
    It's as important to work as it is to rest. Being driven is excellent, but even a car needs a tune-up:-D