Sunday, March 11, 2007

check in Sunday


Check our comments to see what the F.A.I.T.H. girls have been up to this week.


  1. Hi--Lindi here,

    Didn't get much novel writing done. I am almost done judging a contest and I revised a letter for a Mission Society participant.
    How about everyone else? How did your week go?

  2. I revised chapter one again and wrote a new scene in chapter 4. My goal was to finish chapter 4, so I guess I didn't complete my goal. My other goal was to critique two chapters and I managed to critique three. I also met my blog goals.

    New goals for this week. 1.Help my daughter finish her report. (Does this count? It has to done.) 2.Finish chapter four and start chapter five. 3.Critique one chapter. 4.Blog on FAITH, and my blogs.

  3. Well, I started over twice, lol. But I did meet my goal today and then some. So, I'll keep going. My goals for this week are to clean off my desk, file, file, file, and get organized. I need that to feel more in control of life. And to write those 70 words a day:-) Here we go...

  4. I've been revising, revising, revising. :)

    But I did take Sunday off. :)


  5. I did manage to get my synopsis down from 23 pages to 12 and then to 5, but those 5 are single spaced and I need double spaced!

    However, the good news is the 23 pages is a view of the completed novel and I konw will help me finish this revision so I can say the end - and then start back over again to be sure the GMC - GoalMotivationConflict was strong.