Thursday, March 1, 2007

Like a Cat in a Sun Spot

It’s March, and spring is in the air here in Georgia. Daffodils are blooming, and redbud trees have tiny pink flowers opening. I’ve enjoyed 70 degree weather the last few days—and car windows rolled down, the sunroof open. It’s been the perfect week for my son’s high school tennis season to open.

As I sat in the car watching his match yesterday (I keep forgetting to put my lawn chairs in the car!), I reflected on how nature touches me emotionally and spiritually. I felt like a cat in a sun spot in my car yesterday. I even nodded off a couple of times. (Don’t tell my son!) The sun seemed to warm more than my skin, it warmed me from the inside, as if God Himself were there smiling because I enjoy His creation so much.

God touches me through nature. (And, like Angie said, through pets and family and special treats—Godiva Roasted Almond Truffles in my case. :)) When I’m at the beach, I experience God’s magnificence, God’s power. I’m sometimes overwhelmed with His greatness. When I’m in the middle of a blazing hot summer day, I try to thank him for the Georgia heat and humidity because at least I know I won’t have a terribly long or cold winter. When I’m in the mountains (our family loves to go to Gatlinburg, TN), I appreciate the cool, fresh air that reminds me of God’s refreshing nature. I sense that same nature when it’s spring, and I see the new buds, the new green leaves sprouting (that bright, new green that’s different from the greens of summer).

So as spring settles in once again, I’m reminded that God loves me, that He gives me a fresh start each and every day. That’s He’s there for me, just like that warm sun streaming into my car yesterday.

Spring is here!

I know, some of you haven’t realized that yet. You’re still battling snow and cold. But it is on its way. I promise. God showed me a bit of hope this week. I hope I can pass that along to you.

P.S. How does God touch you through nature?


  1. Spring is coming on here in Texas, too. Buds sprouting on the trees, tulips getting ready to bloom. Unfortunately, I tend to take nature for granted. Mostly because I'm usually moving at such a fast pace that I'm too busy to notice. But I've noticed lately, that I seem to be more aware of things when I'm driving. Probably not a good thing :-) I've seen some late day cloud formations that have knocked my socks off. Times when it looks like God has taken His finger and swirled it through the puffy white layers. One day, the sky had these low, rippled-looking stratus clouds (or is it cumulus? The ones w/o rain), and right in the middle was a hole. I remember looking at it thinking, "God made that hole so I could see Him." It was so cool.
    Thanks, Missy, for reminding me to stop and smell the roses.

  2. Sunrises and Sunsets really make me stop and and be amazed by God's grace.

    And then its little things, like watching the birds on the feeders outside, laughing at the squirrels darting across the lawn and jumping up on the bird feeders, hanging on for dear life so they can eat too.

    Yesterday I took my daughter to the park and met some friends from church. It was a beautiful, sunny day and I felt blessed to be able to be there with my daughter, my friends and their children.

  3. Well, we got a taste of spring, then March came in like a Lion later this morning! Now we're under a tornado watch. (Christy and Lindi, too, I know.) I guess the weather change comes at a price. :)

    Still, I sure enjoyed the last few days! And there will be more.


  4. The weather sure did change, but over the weekend I saw one yard with over 100 dafodils in bloom! They were beautiful. I love green grass, flowers and just about everything in nature reminds me of God.

  5. It sounds wonderful (well, except the whole tornado thing) there. We have snow, hail, sunshine, thunder, rain here. It doesn't seem to know what it wants to do other than be cold.

    I have Spring in my heart though. God really touched me Wednesday night. I look forward to signs of Spring arriving outside, too. :)

    As far as nature is concerned, everything speaks to me and lifts my spirits. God's creation continually amazes me.:)