Monday, March 5, 2007

Manic Monday

Remember the song by the Bangles? Just another manic Monday. wish it was Sunday.....

The reason it's a manic Monday for me is I have to go out of town for work unexpectedly. It happens. I"m not going to be far from home. But I'll be gone all week. Out of my routine, away from my family.
But I have my constants. I"ll take my laptop so I can write. I'll have my Bible and a devotional book by Andrew Murray. I'll also have my cell phone to keep in touch with my family. When I travel there are a few things I take with me no matter what.
At least one book. A crossword puzzle book along with my thesarus. A Bible. My own creamer. In this case because I've never been to this particular place I've already packed my lunch for the week because unless there's a Chick-Fil-A around I"m not big on fast food.
What constants do you rely on when your routine is interrupted? Are there certain things you always take with you? What comforts you when you have to be away from home?


  1. Oh, man! I'm sorry you're having to go! I don't handle unplanned routine busters very well. But when the travel is planned, that's another story!

    As you know, Lindi, I like my special creamer, too. :) For you others out there, Lindi and I share a room at conferences. Every morning, we order a pot of coffee. And we bring along a jar of Vanilla Latte Creations. :) So we can have our standard half-and-half with sweetner (Splenda for me, and the real thing for Lindi), or we can make a vanilla latte.

    Other comforts of home... hmmm... a book to read. If it's vacation with my family, I take a whole bag of books! I usually take my computer for vacation (not conferences). And whatever Bible study book I'm doing at the time.

    Oh, and my favorite lounging clothes and house slippers. :)

    Lindi, have a great week!


  2. Have a safe trip. I hope you can relax some and write lots. :)

    For me, a cell phone to reach my hubby and kids with, my Bible, books, notebook and pens, and laptop. Oh and my pillow lol.

  3. Audra,
    Thank you for mentioning the pillow. Of course I have mine right here. I travel with my pillow any time I can.

  4. It's so funny, I take the same things as Audra except I also try to bring my XS energy drinks. Love those things! I also have found that I have to have my own alarm clock. The hotel alarm clocks don't always work even though I'm sure i did it right! And this from an old flight attendant, lol. Oh, I also take my swim gear and work out gear. I love synchronized swimming. Most hotel pools are too shallow, but I get the surface work done at least.