Monday, March 12, 2007


I'm a huge HGTV fan. (Home and Garden television) There is a show on there with host Kenneth Brown called Redesign. Kenneth goes into peoples homes. They typically have a room they want redone, and Kenneth uses his expertise and knowledge to transform the drabbest of spaces into fabulous, awesome rooms. They are always beautiful.

God is like this. He starts with all conditions. Then by His awesome expertise we are transformed. As we read His word, show His love, and pray, we are drawn closer to the One who loves us no matter where we've been, what we've been through, or where we are now.
What matters is we are His.
His design.
His ultimate redesign.

I know I'm a recepiant of a major redesign. My focus has shifted, my priorities are realigned, the way I speak is different.
Praise be to God.

Are there any areas in your life that have been redesigned?


  1. Isn't it funny how when God is teaching you something, it comes from several directions?

    I enjoyed this post. God has been at work redesigning my thoughts. He's been letting me know He loves me and He is finishing the work or redesign He began in me.

    Would it be okay if I added this blog to my blogrolls?

  2. Please add it Audra, we'd be honored:-)

    Also, I feel like I'm being redesigned right now. Who I am becoming now that most of my children are grown, my mother has passed, and my dreams are being fueled with quality education. Wow! Who wouldn't be different? It's a whole new world for me and I believe God is showing it to me now instead of me thinking I could show Him, lol.


  3. Yes, Audra. Thanks for offering.
    And God's love is awesome, isn't it?
    Angie--you are a beautiful design. God is working an incredible work through you.