Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Check-In

Rise and shine! And give God the glory!

It's going to be a beautiful day, be it rain or shine, wherever you are! I can hear the birds chirping. I bet the pollen count is growing by the second! I'm afraid to turn on the news and find out how high it is today in the Southern tip of the country...

How has your writing been this week? What are your goals for next week?


  1. This has been a LONG week.

    I DID mail off my contest entry for TBL and Genesis.

    I DID get 5 pages typed into the computer from my first draft, but I can see my writing has improved since a couple of years ago, so I will have to reedit. (Actually, I was editing as I went along so this may have been why I didn't get much done that day)

    Yet, I'm trying to stay positive and I must remind myself AT LEAST I completed the things I did. While I was floundering in my writing, I did manage to update my blog and give it a new look. However, I was piddling and working on the blog, as good as it is to keep it updated, is not getting my current WIP to "THE END".

    Goals for this week: 1)Add the new scene that came to me this weekend, and
    2)Complete chapter 3.

  2. Christy,
    You are up early girl!!!
    As far as my writing went. Hmmmm... How about I made a plan? I've decided which entries to enter where. I worked on my workshop for Tuesday nights meeting.
    So this week, (since I'm in town all week) my goals are to get one of my Genesis entries off, work on the other one, and start work on my Maggie entry.

  3. ps---the Genesis is an online contest right? I think I'll double check the dates on that. Isn't it due the 15th of April or am I thinking of something else?

  4. I think I achieved my goal. I did finish the synopsis and I did get my contest entries out the door. Of course, that's when things started getting weird and confused. Suffice to say, I attained my goal!

    This week, I have no idea. Follow wherever it is God is trying to lead me.

  5. Lindi,
    Yes - Genesis is online and I'm almost certain (but I haven't rechecked the website so don't take my word on it without checking again) that deadline IS the 15th. You've got time! I'm excited you're entering 2 -Go girl!

    Mindy - You will get your direction back, in HIS time. Until then, pray about it, update your blog, start reading a book by an author you like or plant some flowers. I had a story idea come to me while I was planting spring flowers. Maybe that will work for you. Please don't do anything drastic like cleaning or something. You're not that bad yet!

    Or, er... Are you?

  6. Y'all are so funny. Cleaning? Ha! That's very, very last resort. :)

    I got a lot done on my revisions last week. I'm just about ready to type the changes in the computer, then will re-print to see how smooth it flows. I have a feeling there'll be a good bit of work still. But I'm excited to see how it reads with the changes.

    You mentioned pollen count. I can say that our cars have a thick coating of yellow, and I tend to feel a crunching sensation in my mouth when I'm outside. So I'm thinking the count is off the charts right now. :)

    A sneezing Missy

  7. Okay, I actually wrote this morning before my Olay promo in my hotel:-) I have 20 pages toward my contest entries. I have only a couple of more days and at least 5 pages to go plus the synopsis. So while home, then travel to Disney, I will finish my Genesis and TBL entries and get them sent off. The TBL is the most challenging because the deadline is during my vacation...