Monday, March 26, 2007

Waving to God

This past week has been full of emotion. From gut-wrenching pain receiving some news about my Godson, to elation hearing he is okay. All emotions in between from day to day events.
Yesterday my daughter came over and we had girl time. We jumped into my convertible (I LOVE my car--not worship, just love) and headed out for a mindless afternoon of shopping. Those of you who really know me know I don't like to shop. But yesterday it was sort of therapy. Luckily, I didn't see much of anything, hence, the checkbook didn't take too much of a hit-- another good thing.

We had our hair pulled back, sunglasses on, God all around us. What an incredible feeling. We could just wave to God!

Enjoy life! Enjoy the days free of stress-enjoy the days full of stress.
Focus on our awesome God and lose yourself in his strength and love.
What do you do to feel God around you?


  1. Lindi ~ I'm glad you were able to kick back and relax! You also didn't mention evacuating while you were out of town - uh, hope you don't mind me mentioning what I read on your blog! - but that adds to your stressful week. And thank God your Godson is Okay! Whew! Thank God for the convertible and the beautiful day to enjoy HIM!

    I'm learning to keep my mind focused on God as much as possible. Yesterday I planted impatiens and am thankful my mind was focused on prayer during this quiet time. So being outside would be one way to feel God around me. Another is simply listening to Christian radio stations and singing along as loud as possible! And I love my church. I'm surrounded by such kind people and I can feel His Spirit through them.

  2. The convertible sounds wonderful! My middle child was saying yesterday that he wished we could cut the top off my SUV. :)

    I definitely feel God in nature! I was going to blog on that on my blog next time I post (yep, Lindi, great minds....) :)


  3. I get alone by either going out for a walk or going into my room for peace and quiet. Oh, and Iike to sit alone in my church.

    Huh, I guess I feel God around me when I get quiet and alone:-) Maybe it's because I've had so many people around for so long, lol.