Sunday, April 22, 2007

Check-In Sunday

It's been a great week here on the F.A.I.T.H. blog. Check out our comments section---see what we've been doing all week and tell us what you've been doing. We'd love to hear!!!!!


  1. Well I've had the priviledge and honor of reading Missy's book this week. Friday am I called her to tell her I'd finished--my voice was still quivering. Awesome book--ending--everything.
    This week, I'm starting on my quest to finish a ms that I started last year...then put it up. But I'm 120 pages into it and my goal is to finish it asap...

  2. I've been working on chapter five of my WIP. I haven't finished this chapter as I'd hoped, but I took a break to visit the zoo yesterday, and today I'm going on a ferry sight seeing tour on Lake Norman with my daughter.

  3. Hey all:-)
    This week I am judging a writing contest, writing 2 commercials, and my mom's obituary. Very different needs, but the same talents that the Lord blessed me with to meet each need. Pretty cool how He does that kind of thing.