Monday, April 23, 2007

Confessions of a Nagging Wife

Okay---Confession time.
Maybe some of you have heard stories or even know a married couple who seem to be perfectly happy and one day one of the spouses comes home and tells the other they aren't happy and want a divorce.
I've told my husband tons of times---don't ever do that to me. If you aren't happy with something--tell me. Give me the chance to fix it. I even ask him from time to time---what do I do that gets on your nerves? He says nothing. My hubby is really sweet like that.
But the last couple of months it has been on my heart that my comments to him are often of a negative nature. It's been in the back of my mind from time to time. Well this last week I made an effort to think before I spoke. And oh---my----gosh!!
I had to bite my tongue time after time. Everything was negative. What have I become?
I do have a sweet guy. He's not perfect. Neither am I. But wow, I couldn't believe the amount of comments that weren't of the positive nature. And I'm talking piddly things. Things that aren't worth it.
So, I'm confessing here. I ask for prayer. Please let me be a positive wife. Please show me how to say things that aren't always of a negative nature.
I thank God for His faithfulness to us. And I hope I can show that same type of faithfulness in being a great wife.
Thanks for the prayer.


  1. Lindi,
    Thank you so much for this post! I have been working on this issue myself. I think it is a very human problem.

    Dear Divine Lord and Creator of our every word,
    Thank you for our spouses. Please give us a grateful heart that looks for and sees the wonderful things our spouses do. Please help us to celebrate them rather than pick at them. We bring before you our thoughts first because this is where we generate our words. We bring before you our hearts to be changed. We bring before you our mouths to be guarded. Let us speak blessings and honor over our spouses. Grant us the blessing of your eyes. Let us see our spouse through your eyes and not with our own faulty sight.
    In Jesus Name,

    Psalm 12:6 "And the words of the Lord are flawless, like silver refined in a furnace of clay, purified seven times."

    Whew, what if we thought 7 times before we spoke?


  2. Hmmm... God must be working on a few of us at the same time. For the past two months, I promised God I would stop putting down my husband's business and making comments about the lack of money it makes and how it hasn't supported us in the past four years. At first it was very, very, very hard. I found myself biting my tongue and cutting my conversations short all the time. I prayed for God to help me. Since then, his business has prospered and it's doing very well. I've always prayed for God to bless his business, but now I pray that he will know that I love him and for him to feel loved.

    By the way, hubby has now lost 40 lbs.! I'm so proud of him!

  3. This is something I've had to work on as well. I'm not bad about saying the words out loud (because I'm so non-confrontational). But I think them! And thinking them is just as bad.

    This was something that I vowed to try to improve on back when Lent started. And I have gotten some better (a nice southern term, there--"some better"). But I'm still thinking those thoughts when I get irritated about something.

    So I'm with you ladies on needing the prayer!

    Jen, I'm so happy about your husband's business and weight loss!