Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Over the last several weeks, I've experienced some intense dreams. It's amazing what our minds will do while we are in mourning or dealing with difficult situations. (For those of you who are new, my mom died on March 1st.) The dreams have been very detailed. It's possibly the brain's way of working through the healing process.

I think I remember Stephen King saying that he dreamed the stories of his books.

So the question is...Do your dreams give you story ideas? If so, how do you incorporate those ideas?
Do you normally dream in detail or does stress/mourning/excitement bring on more colorful subconscious set-ups for your dreams?

Then I thought of something else, do you daydream?

I "wrote" a scene in my head while driving today, I was totally daydreaming and having a ball with it, lol. I have no idea where it will fit into the story, but I do know that it fits perfectly with the character in my WIP.


PS I'm also going to post an Easter recipe today. It's an excellent use of dyed eggs.
Check it out...

Scotch Eggs

2 pkgs (or 2 pounds) Jimmy Dean Maple Sausage
(if not available, I use regular breakfast sausage and add 1-2 tsps of maple flavor, mix.)
10 boiled and peeled eggs
1 Tbl flour
1 raw egg
Plain bread crumbs
Canola Oil/at least 3 inches deep in a deep to cover the tops of cooking eggs, heavy sauce pan (important to have tall sides in case oil foams.)

Separate sausage into 10 equal round, flat burger- style patties.
Line up in order on your counter:
1. boiled, peeled eggs
2. flour in a small bowl
3. flat sausage patties
4. raw beaten egg in a bowl
5. bread crumbs in another bowl
6. platter to hold 10 formed eggs

roll each egg in flour to coat
form sausage patties around eggs and seal with no breaks in the meat
(I rinse my hands in cold water to help the fat from the sausage NOT stick.)
roll sausage covered eggs in raw egg
roll in bread crumbs
set on platter while you heat oil to 350 degrees (I use a glass candy thermometer to monitor the temperature)
Deep fry 3-5 egg rolls at a time for about 8 minutes.
Remove, drain on paper towels on a clean platter. Never replace onto a platter that held raw meat.
Check temp on oil and return to 350 before next batch.
Finish cooking all eggs.
Cool for several minutes. Then for a beautiful presentation, cut in half.
One serving is half an egg. It has a gorgeous yellow center, white around that, and crispy sausage crust.
We eat them warm and save any left for lunches. They are terrific cold too.
For children, they work well to help explain the Trinity of three in one. Then when you cut it in half, you can see all the parts that make up the whole. For little ones, it's fun to watch the understanding dawn.

And no, it's not a low-cal recipe. But if you're on Weight Watcher's, the points are about 9 for a whole egg and 5 for half an egg. As long as you count the points and adjust your eating for the day, there's no reason not to enjoy this treat:-)

My twist on this old, Scottish recipe is that I use the maple flavored pork sausage. In Scotland, they use sheep sausage and serve them in pubs with a green salad and a pint of ale. If I ever figure out how to do them with less calories, I'll pass it along.

I hope you all like these Scotch Eggs as much as we do. It brings out the kids in droves. Somehow they always know when I'm making them, lol. Must be similar to the 101 Dalmatians message bark or something.

Looking forward to Easter Tea,


  1. My dreamlife stinks! Everyone I know has these wonderful dreams, God revealing Himself, or bits of stories and such. Me? I hit the pillow and that's it. The brain is truly dead. I feel so left out.
    Of course, I suppose I could just look at it and say that my mind is so overactive while I'm awake that there's nothing left. Who know?
    Thanks for the recipe though. I may have to try that out. Hmm, I wonder if it would be South Beach acceptable? Hmm. . .Maybe more like Atkins.

  2. Of course, I'm with Mindy. I hit the pillow and it's either nothing til I wake or I have the weird dreams that I don't understand and sometimes don't want to understand! Mostly, it's just lights out.

    Thanks for the recipe, Angie. I haven't heard of it before.

  3. Angie,

    I think all the faith girls know I have dreams. (Remember my rejection dream?) A couple of years ago, the Lord led me to write them down and keep a journal. I don't write down all my dreams, just the ones that seem really significant to me. I've learned to interpret them and sometimes they are prophetic dreams. My husband and I did a biblical study on dreams. You might want to try it. God used dreams in many of the biblical books.

    A year before my grandmother died, I had several dreams and then right after she passed away I had several more. It is also a way to process the grief.


  4. I've daydreamed book ideas. One was as I was falling asleep, praying for God to give me my next book idea (I had just finished a book). Just before dozing, and maybe as I started to doze, I started to get an idea. I woke up and lay in bed for about an hour, thinking of the story. Then I got up and typed, single spaced, about 7 or 8 pages of the story idea. That book was my Golden Heart finalist last year! :)

    I also daydream while driving, Angie. It's a wonder I ever get to where I'm going. LOL