Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Here We Grow Again

After the last time, we swore we'd never do it again. The house was full already. And as much as I hate to admit it, hubby and I aren't getting any younger. Don't get me wrong, we're not that old, but the kids are finally at that age where they can pretty much take care of themselves. The youngest is eight. He can dress himself, feed himself, and even entertain himself. Ah, the sheer bliss of it all. After twenty-four years of raising children, this was the longest we'd gone without having another baby.

Until now.

Now we're back to the days of getting up in the middle of the night, monitoring every move that's made, making sure nothing can harm the baby. Yes, we've added another member to our household, and our lives are no doubt richer for it.

Meet seven week old Dixie. To be honest, I'd forgotten what a challenge a puppy can present.
But is it worth it? You bet. The smiles on the boys faces when they play with her are priceless. Now if I can only keep her in chew toys long enough to spare things like shoes and table legs.
What's that? You're saying I led you on. You thought I was talking about a baby? What are you, some kind of nut?
Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. OOOOHhhhh!!! She's sooo cute!

    But I know what you mean! I swore after the last puppy that I was getting too old to go through it ever again. I can't bear to hear them whine, so I tried sleeping on the bathroom floor in the middle of the newspapers with her. The last baby that came home, I said forget the bathroom floor! I slept on the couch with him on my chest. Anytime he so much as wiggled, I took him outside to potty. It was crazy! Like having a newborn. I was exhausted. But it was worth it. We're very bonded. :) Eventually, though, when he hit 40 pounds, he had to stop napping on my chest! LOL


  2. Mindy,

    My daughter just got a puppy and omigosh!! It's as cute as can be, but she has had quite an adjustment to make. She said she felt like she had a baby overnight.
    But your Dixie sure is cute. Well worth it, I'm sure.

  3. I've promised myself to never raise a puppy again:-) but I'll go get a pound dog in the future. I just can't handle the issues of chewing and carpet destruction.
    But they are soooo cute!

  4. Oh, Dixie is so precious! I don't envy you the potty training, though.


  5. AWWWWW!!!

    She's adorable, Mindy and I love her name.

    We geared ourselves up for having a baby by first raising our two dogs. They have two distinct personalities: Mack, our Labrador Retriever, is the hunter. He caught an opossum the other night who'd somehow ventured into our backyard. He barks when anything goes by on the street or comes into our yard. He's close to 100 pounds, resembles a big black bear, but is very gentle.

    Tonka, our English Bulldog, is the scavenger. She waits at the dinner table for our toddler to throw her food and then cleans the floor before I can clean the floor! Then she goes outside to sniff out more food, then comes back inside where she finds a nice warm bed and sleeps twenty hours out of a 24-hour day :)