Monday, April 9, 2007

Missing the Simple Things

Well, it's Monday and guess what? I"m home until mid-May. Yeah!! I just returned yesterday from Reno, Nevada where I participated in the USBC Mens National Bowling Tournament. Yes, the men's tournament. I bowled with my dad and my husband. For whatever reason women are allowed to bowl in the men's Nationals. It was fun. I bowled really bad most of the time. But the important part is I had fun. We were with friends from Georgia who brought friends from Florida.
We also ran into some friends from Georgia whom we hadn't seen in a while. Imagine, running into people who live within 30 miles of your house almost all the way across the country.
Anyway, it feels so good to be home for a while. Between traveling for work and the weekend engagements we've had I haven't been home very much in the last six weeks. I missed my house, my cat, my dog, of course my husband when I was away from him.
These are the obvious things.
But I found myself missing things that may seem insignificant. My own own food...the freedom of picking anything you want out of your closet....being able to just sit on the couch with a magazine, remote.....the sound of my cat purring as I fall asleep at night...walking barefoot on my hardwood floors...
What simple things do you miss when you are away from home?


  1. Oh Lindi,
    You want the list? Ha ha ha. No, really, since I travel a lot as a model, business woman, writer, and every other hat I wear, I miss my own bed! I used to be a flight attendant. I missed my own bed then too. I miss privacy. I really miss my own food, friends, family, animals, and schedule. I don't like being on someone else's schedule, ack! I think the hardest thing for me is that I'm so flexible, lol. I love changing my mind when I feel like it. I'll write and then I'll go do the bills for my hubby's heating company, then I'll go bake something, and go back to the business of writing. I don't have that flexibility when I travel.

    But, I love to travel anyway:-) I just like to do it in small snippets spread out over time rather than all bunched up in one season like, say, Jan-April every year, lol.


  2. I miss my pillow! And I miss walking around barefooted. As Lindi knows from being my roomie at conferences, I won't walk barefoot on a hotel carpet! LOL I also miss my bad habit of snacking late at night. :)

    Welcome home, Lindi!


  3. Thanks for your input. We all have things we miss. And like Ang, I just don't like being gone all at once. I like to break it up.
    And yes, Missy has me walking around in bedroom slippers in the hotels now. I don't travel without them. If I did, they would be on the list of things I missed.