Monday, April 30, 2007

Romancing the Mission

One of our F.A.I.T.H. ladies is facing a tough decision. Her teenage son wants to go on a mission trip to Africa. No matter where you live in the United States Africa is a long way away.

Mission work is misunderstood a lot of the time, I believe. It's seen by some as glamorous, fun, and a nice way to spend a vacation-you know-helping those who are in need.

But mission work is hard, dangerous and sacrificing. There is so much preperation before you go. There is money to be raised. There is lots of prayer needed. There are shots to be had.

Mission work is about spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ, in word and deed. Spreading the love of God around the world to areas who haven't heard of our saving Lord. Having the call of missions in your heart and responding to that call.

Our F.A.I.T.H. lady and her family know the realities of mission work. They are a praying Christian family with a love for God. Still, it's hard to make decisions sometimes.

So I ask for prayer for her and her family.

I've never been on a mission trip. I'm going for the first time in July to Mexico. But that's a lot closer than Africa.

Have you ever been on a mission trip? Would you care to share your experience?
We'd love to hear about it and the impact of the Good News of Jesus Christ had in the are you were (or still are) in.


  1. I have never been a part of missions, but admire those who do.

    My aunt and uncle are a part of a prison ministry. They also take part in transporting wheelchairs from different locations in the U.S. to one central location and then have gone with those chairs to Bolivia, the destination.

    It's one thing for adults to go on missions, and I can't imagine the amount of courage and faith it must take to allow a child to go. I would be afraid too. As with everything, we must turn it over to the Lord and he will lead.

    I hope some of our readers will share their stories of missions.

  2. The family would be mine! :)

    We'll need lots of prayers, because we're letting him go.

    I'm sure I'll be posting requests for prayer when the time gets here! In the meantime, I'd appreciate prayer for this nervous mom.

  3. Several of our family have been on a mission trip. My oldest has been on 5 national and international tours with the Continental Singers, my youngest (and I) have been to Mexicali, Mexico, and I've led a cross-country 2 week trip for a youth gathering. As a teen, I also went on a summer mission trip by bus. Looong bus ride:-) Now our family is talking about doing a week long mission trip in lieu of vacation. We would like to go help somewhere for building homes and feeding people. We'll see in the next few years where that leads us.

    The unknown is a difficult step. Then you have to deal with the financial, mental, spiritual commitments. I've never regretted any of it, whether for me or my kids.


  4. Missy,
    We'll be praying starting now. You can never have too much prayer.
    We'll have Starbucks nights while he is gone.
    When is he leaving and coming back? We can start praying for extra peace in Kenya during that time.

  5. I may not have the dates exactly right, but it's basically the first two weeks of August. I think they leave July 30 or thereabouts.