Thursday, April 5, 2007

Shoe Shopping Misery

The title may be misleading. I actually love to shop for shoes for myself. But yesterday, the shopping was for two of my three children. Thus, the misery.

Let me preface this by saying that shopping for shoes with my husband is a nightmare. I dread it. I escape to other stores in the mall. I desert him and head to the women's section if possible. Anything to keep from having to go through the long, torturous process.

And unfortunately, he has passed along his genes to two of my children--the oldest and youngest.

Yesterday, we were looking for summer church shoes for my daughter. She's only ten, but wears a ladies size 7. As you can imagine, she LOVED finding really cool high heel shoes. And she was not a happy camper when I told her they were way too old for her. But every alternative I offered (low heels, comfortable, something she can actually walk in), she refused, saying they were old lady shoes. Forty-five minutes later, we settled on a lower-heeled pair of slip-ons.

My son--the middle one, hallelujah!--walked over to the shelf. He pointed to a pair and said, "I like those." Then he grabbed his size. He was ready to check out. Of course, I made him try them on just to make sure. And of course they fit. Mission accomplished. Less than five minutes.

He tried to say it was because he's a boy, and boys are easier. But I told him that no, his older brother is the world's worst. In fact, my dad has refused to ever again shop for shoes with my oldest. So it's not a boy thing or girl thing.

It's all my husband's fault! :)

Okay, time to fess up. Who here is a shoe hog?



  1. I'm a shoe hog wannabe. I'd love to have a different pair of shoes to match every outfit. Alas, I have a pair of black everything to go with just about everything. However, if they're really cute, that's all that's important.
    I hate shopping with my boys, too. The older one especially. "Geez Mom, why do I have to go?" Like I'm the crazy one :-P

  2. My weakness is cute flip-flops, especially with dangly beads or sparklies on them. :)

    Luckily, I don't have expensive taste.


  3. You know, I used to be really boring with clothes and shoes. I never really cared. All of a sudden, I do. So I've been looking, but haven't found much I like. I HATE shopping with my hubby. I feel rushed. I actually don't like shopping with anyone, lol. I need to ponder and wonder about how this will look with that. The hardest thing for me though is pants. I'm right at that in between size - no, not too big or too small, rather too short. I'm 5'6, but have long legs. Every pair of pants I try on is either for a 6' woman or a 5'5 woman. It's ridiculous! Any dress, almost any shoe, but pants-heaven help me!

  4. I hate shopping with my husband. I feel rushed, too.

    Like Angie, I would much rather shop alone to think about what I have in my closet, and what I need, and what will go with what.

    I love shoes, but lately, I never buy anything for myself. No wonder I never have anything to wear...

  5. I love to go shopping with my hubby. He picks out the best outfits and shoes for me. As long as he isn't in a hurry to do anything, he doesn't rush me. So I try and make sure we go shopping when he doesn't have anything else planned. However, on the flip side, I think he dreads going into bookstores with me. I can spend hours in a bookstore.