Thursday, April 19, 2007

Taking Care of Ourselves

I’m teaching a new class this quarter. It’s called Nutrition and Diet Therapy. One of the class assignments for last week was to have the students do a 24-hour Recall. They write down everything they ate during the previous 24 hours.

Let me tell you, this group of students has created a new food group: Coke. I’m talking the real thing. Not diet. One student had at least one Coke every meal (including breakfast) and also for a snack at night. And there was hardly a fruit or vegetable to be found among the whole pile of papers.

After I got over my shock, I started thinking about what I had eaten in the previous 24 hours.

Hmmm. Was there a fruit anywhere in there?


Was there a vegetable?

I did have French fries. (Nope, sorry, Missy, can’t count that.) Well, I did have some green peas. (Nope. They’re mostly starch. Try again.)

I found I hadn’t eaten any better than my students. So after promptly taking a Centrum vitamin, I decided that I needed to try to start living what I’m teaching. I didn’t feel comfortable issuing them a challenge, because I’m not there to inspire them to live healthier. I’m there to teach the subject.

So I’m going to issue it to you! :) Do a 24-hour Recall. Share with us how well you did.

Meanwhile, let’s try to eat a more balanced diet. Let’s take good care of ourselves for our family, for our friends, for our co-workers... for ourselves! And also to honor God's gift of our wonderful, amazing bodies.

I will if you will.



  1. Okay, we may have to adjust the guidelines here. No homework, Missy! Just because you're a teacher doesn't mean you can give us assignments. Especially ones that might step on our toes :-D

  2. LOL!

    Okay. I'll make it an optional assignment. :)

    (Dare I tell that I had a hamburger and french fries for lunch??!)


  3. I'm up for that one:-D Only because I've been in Weight Watcher's now since last August. I've lost 27 pounds (25 by their scale.) I have to track my food daily. This was a HUGE change for me because I'd found out that I ate exactly like your students did.

    Now though, I can say that I eat a lot of vegies and fruits. (In the WW system, vegies are 0 points while fruits are 0-2 points. Lots to eat without having to count calories.)

    I drink XS Energy drinks instead of pop (because they taste sooo good and are sugar free.) I drink skim milk, eat my favorite Arrowhead 4 grain hot cereal most mornings, and have a healthier diet than I did last year.

    Now because of the changes, I have 3 more weigh-ins before I become a Lifetime member. That means I won't have to pay as long as I stay within 2 pounds of my target weight. What was the biggest change/success? Tracking and being aware of what I really put into my stomach. Please take the challenge. You'll be glad you did.

    A tip: You can still eat pasta and bread if you make sure it is super high fiber and/or whole grain versions like FiberWise or something similar for pasta and whole grain bread. I've found Franz or Wonder have good high fiber "white" style breads for those who are too used to white bread to switch right away.

    Do everything with a purpose. Switch your pasta and breads over for a week. Read the labels. Then switch something else, and so on. It's very important to give yourself time to adjust.

    It's all about being ready to make the decision to change and then doing it. When you see me in July and September at the conferences, don't think this was luck. Making a decision and following through is work. Purpose in your heart to do the work so that you can enjoy the outcome.

    Lotsa love,

  4. Oh, goodness! My husband has been on a health diet for a couple of months and he's lost 40 lbs. He's the cook in our family and this means my daughter and I are somewhat on an unintentional diet too. I've lost 5-7 lbs. without trying. We are also eating a lot of organic foods without the additives and preservatives.

    Today for breakfast I had 1/2 cup of decaf coffee with organic sugar and french/vanilla flavoring. Two hard-boiled eggs.

    For lunch I had 2 slices of pizza with spinach leaves and real tomato, and 1 slice of pepperoni & cheese pizza and 1/2 glass of tea. I had an orange for a snack. For dinner I had two more slices (left-overs) and 2 organic granola bars, and another full cup of decaf. I don't normally have coffee for dinner, but it was cold and rainy when I got home.

  5. Congrats, Angie, on the change of lifestyle! I did WW a couple of years ago and did pretty well. Since I quit going to meetings, though, it has all crept back up on me. Plus, I just don't eat healthy. I'll have to pull out my old books for a guide to use!

    Jenn, I'm amazed at how well your husband's organic diet has been going! And your 5-7 lb. byproduct is pretty amazing, too! Plus, think how much healthier you are.

    Way to go, ladies!

  6. MIssy,

    Please don't make me!!!!!!!!!
    I know I'll be surprised by what I eat.....
    But since I started working on the south side I told the girl Alana--no wonder you're so skinny. There's no time to eat.
    But I know that's not good either.
    I take my lunch to work most days....
    And I either eat an apple or bananna for breakfast.
    But dinner...well, I didn't buy junk food this week at the grocery store so I've been eating sherbert every night this week....I have to have something I"m not supposed to.

    PS--an extra bonus for people who are reading this comment.....I read Missy's book Her Unlikely Family-----what a treat readers are in for in February 2008!! Fabulous book.....ladies, make sure you buy it. You will LOVE it.

  7. Thanks so much, Lindi! I appreciate you reading it so quickly.

    Just for the record, always get someone to proof your book! I had a cook throwing a hamburger on the GILL!! LOL Thank goodness Lindi caught it.

    Missy :)