Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Time's a wastin'

I can't tell you how often I feel like that. Like I have so much to do and so little time to do it. Every day there are things I HAVE to do, but then there are things I WANT to do. Then there are those things that fall into a gray area, which really must be things I don't want to do, otherwise I'd do them. Right?

I guess time management is not my forte. I look at Shirlee McCoy and wonder how on earth she does it. She has four children, homeschools them, is a fairly prolific writer, and from what I can tell by some of her blog posts, keeps a relatively clean house. How does she do it?

I try to keep a calendar. I put down the things I HAVE to do. If I'm feeling creative, I'll list things I want to do, occasionally the things I should do, until I've procrastinated on them so long they become a HAVE to do.

One thing I always WANT to do is write. HAVE to do? Dishes. So where does God fit into the equation? Is He a WANT to or a HAVE to? Some days one, some days the other. And though I know He wants me to approach with a WANTING heart, sometimes I end up more blessed when I approach in HAVE to mode. Have you ever had a Sunday when you just don't feel like going to church? I know I have. And it seems those times when I force myself to go, I come away more blessed than any other time. Why is that?

I think God pours Himself out in those times to remind us what we're missing. To remind us how much He longs to be close to us. To show us how tender those moments are.

How are your time management skills? Do your WANT TO's outway your HAVE TO's? If this is your area of expertise, share your tips. This girl could certainly use them.


  1. Mindy,

    My thoughts for this post are as follows:




    And yeah, Ditto.

    Your Twin in Georgia

  2. As one who constantly reminds myself that I need my job, my advice is learn to live with less sleep and let the family keep on complaining.

    My husband does a lot around the house, but over the holiday, I heard a few minor complaints that I neglected the dishes and each time he dumped the clothes on our bed as a hint for me to fold them, I dumped them right back into the basket and ignored the dishes.

    As a result, I got my writing goals completed. He knows how I feel. It isn't necessary for me to politely remind him that he chose to run a part-time business until it becomes full-time, and until then, I work full-time, bring home the bacon, and he has to share my "spare time" with Celina and my writing. His answer for tonight's supper since my daughter and I had Girl Scouts? He bought supper.

  3. Time. It's over-rated, lol.
    No, really. We all deal with that and some of us just muddle through.

    The only way I can do it is to keep my daytimer and live out of it. I have the books/human resourses to do for my husband's heating biz, spokesmodelling, house, kids, writing, singing (for worship, weddings, retreats), and the list goes on.

    How do I do it? Daytimer and selective neglect:-) One day I don't do everything and the next I don't do other everythings, lol.

    It's the century old juggling that women have done since Eve.

    I pray each morning for God's guidance to help me get done the things He wants done and then help me do what I want. It's the only way. Otherwise the world's wants just push all else aside.

    So my solution...prayer, daytimer, and selective neglect:-D
    Just be sure to juggle the selections so no one catches on and makes you drop a ball.


  4. Angie,

    That's good. "Selective neglect"

    Mindi, your selective neglect could be the dishes. That's my vote. I already selectively neglected it.

    But, I should have listed lots of prayer. Thanks for the reminder, Angie.

  5. I just like the term selective neglect :-)

  6. I'm really skilled at selective neglect now days, lol. To use it correctly, don't forget to change it up ;-)


  7. Selective neglect? How about TOTAL neglect of housework? LOL

    My solution: I work in my Mary Kay business enough each week to pay a woman to clean my house every two weeks. Otherwise, the house would probably fall apart.:)

    As for everything else, I've been ending up very frustrated this week. It seems I've had to fight for every moment of writing time, and it's still not enough. In fact, tonight, I took a mental health break from choir practice and supper at church. I just couldn't do one more thing. And it was so nice to have the house to myself for 2 hours! I got a lot of work done on my book.

    I have been trying to be more focused on my family lately. I'm trying to make sure they come first. And, Mindy, I've had the same "have to"/"want to" struggle about time with God. Or maybe I should say it's a "want to/want to but don't make the time" struggle. I'm always having to remind myself to make Him number one over all other parts of my life.


  8. Come for a visit, Mindy. You will soon get over the idea that Shirlee McCoy keeps up on the housework. Clean? Mostly. Perfect? Never.

    Success lies in being content with what we're able to accomplish. Me, I figure as long as there isn't laundry piled to the roof and we have dishes to eat off, I'm doing great.

    We don't have to be superwomen. We just have to be open to God's will for our lives. Seeking that daily frees up time we'd otherwise spend worrying and fretting about our lack of accomplishments. And I do so love to spend time doing that. I've had to learn to let go of too-high expectations for myself and realize that things will get done in His time.

    If that's good enough for Him, it must be good enough for me.