Sunday, May 27, 2007

Check-in Sunday

Another week has passed. Or maybe I should be more optimistic-sounding and say we're about to start a new week! :)

So let's not only check in about what we did last week, but also state our goals for the upcoming week--writing and otherwise. Of course, this may be a challenge for some of us who have children out of school for the summer. We'll be adjusting in the Tippens household this week!

So, what are you working on or planning for the coming week? Any vacations coming up? And personal projects?



  1. I finished my line edits!! I'm excited to have that done. I'll be mailing it in Tuesday.

    Now I'm free to continue on my new book.:)


  2. Well, I finished chapter seven in my WIP. I got back my Genesis scores and critiques on a different manuscript and incorporated my changes. I wrote thank you notes to those three judges. I put together a proposal for an agent and sent that off. I also created three different sell sheets for the ACFW conference in September. I blogged on all my sites and updated my website.

    My goals for this week are to write chapter eight of my WIP. Critique four chapters in my critique group. Blog again. Do my radio interview tomorrow. Go through the Genesis scores and critques of the next manuscript and write thank you notes to those three judges.

  3. Okay,
    Do I have to post after Jenn??
    Not fair!!

    Seriously, Jenn, as I said on the day you posted you are an inspiration.
    This week I scrapped a story idea and started reading a book Missy recommended on her sight. I'm getting an entry ready for the Maggie contest.
    Next week, by goal will be to write chapter 2 of my new book.

  4. I drove to my parents house this weekend and had some good brainstorming during the drive. I've decided when I'm stuck, I need to head up to the mountains.

    I've been struggling with GMC. Goal Motivation and Conflict. I've decided my characters may have a lot of internal conflict, but may not have enough of a conflict to drive the story. I'm working on this. Debra Dixon's Goal Motivation and Conflict can't arrive soon enough!

    Goals for this week:
    1)Write thank you notes to the judges of Genesis.
    2) Get on paper the brainstorming I did for current WIP, next story, and the Historical that's been on the backburner for a while...

    (I've got some ideas, now if I can be consistent in my writing and finish the book already!)