Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Complete Essence of Joy

How do you celebrate joy in the middle of stress? My daughter and I took a walk the other day. We struggled down the country road being dragged by two big dogs through muddy shrubs.



It rained, drizzled, and blew right in our faces. We walked 2 miles soaking wet for an armload of Montana wildflowers.
Then I understood. The rain comes, and THEN the flowers bloom.

Let it rain. I can't wait for the flowers that WILL come:-)

Be joyful in the midst of your trials. Really? I finally realized that sometimes we need to take our eyes off the troubles and see the glory of God's creation. It soothes our souls and creates peace. I see that photo up above and am astonished at the simple kitty satisfaction. This is after the dog chased her all over the house. Yet she's purring. It's like she's rubbing the essence of God all over her. Suddenly, I want to be like that kitty.

The critter above is our very own, Adi Cat. She's rubbing the essence of blooming joy all over her in the flower arrangements my daughter created after our walk. It's exactly how I feel right now in the essence of joy that God has given me even in the midst of a drizzle.

Is there something that helps you feel the joy in difficulty?

And because I can't help myself, here's our other 2 kitties enjoying God's amazing creativity...


Ted E. Cat, okay, his joy is stealing my husband's spot on the couch. (He spreads out and takes half it too!)

May God bless you with the scent of his essence today, doubly so if it's a rough day.



  1. Joy in the middle of trials. You have no idea how much I needed to hear this. I'm praying for a heart that will love an enemy who is causing me trials. And her name is Joy!
    I think this is one of our biggest struggles. Getting the hardness out of our hearts. It's so easy to wallow in our anger. But it's unfullfilling. Totally.
    And what joy there is in joy!
    I prayed for joy this morning. No lie. I need joy in my life and I want to live that way.
    Thanks Angie for reading my mind. And I loved your pictures. They are beautiful. I'm such a cat person.

  2. Like the cat in your picture, I want to rub the essense of God all over me. What a great thought. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go find the nearest patch of wildflowers. Drat! The bluebonnets are gone.

  3. Oh Lindi, I pray for your joy.

    Mindy, you are hilarious!

    Love to you both, I prayed for you today.

  4. What precious, precious photos!! I thought you had found them online somewhere because they're so perfect! :)

    Loved you post, Angie. I find joy in nature as well, especially the beach. And I can't wait to go there this summer!!


  5. Angie,

    I love seeing your animals! They're precious.

    Wonderful and meaningful post.

    Thank you!

  6. Thank you Missy and Christy,

    Those digital cameras make us all fabulous photographers, lol. I just love that thing. However, I really want to get one that zooms in further. What I see in the distance is always bigger than how the camera records it. Drives me nuts!

    I'm so glad that this post was helpful. I still look at that Adi Cat photo in wonder.