Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Fruit of a Teen Mother

You were only sixteen when you brought me into this world. Frightened, you bravely met your new role as my mother. You've often told me the story of my birth and how you cried because you wanted your mother there with you. When they laid me in your arms, you whispered, "now I have someone who will really love me." Those words could never be more true. I love you, Mom.

I love you for not looking at my birth as an end to your life because you were only sixteen. I love you for keeping me and raising me. I love you for sharing yourself with me. I love you because you have shown me who you really are.

Thank you for leading a nine year old girl to the Lord after she watched the Jesus movie and cried so hard she couldn't speak. Thank you for taking me to church and making sure I knew who I was in Christ. Thank you for sowing so many spiritual seeds in my life. Thank you for being my spiritual mentor.

I will always treasure the talks we had each night. The memories of your grandparents are now memories of my own as I think back to our talks. You instilled a love for reading into my life and pushed me to go to college. You encouraged me to dream. When I hand wrote my first novel on a spiraled notebook at twelve, you read it and gave me my first critique. You didn't let me win at checkers, you made me learn how to play. You taught me to stand up for myself and you gave me courage when I needed it. You attended my track meets and pushed me to keep practicing in the summer when I wanted to be lazy. You gave me so much practical advice and Godly wisdom.

I wasn't sixteen when I became a mother. I was twenty-five. I felt overwhelmed and frightened that I would fail in some way. How in the world would I ever fill your shoes as a mother? I only had to be the mother of one. You were the mother of four. I had one child with special needs. You had two, one with a learning disability and the other needing speech therapy.

I now carry some of the same wisdom and traditions of your motherhood to my motherhood. We had her photo taken in the very dress you brought me home from the hospital. I've had the honor of leading my daughter to the Lord. We watch girlie movies just like you and I did. We read together. I'm a Girl Scout troop leader just like you were. We hand-pick our strawberries in the Spring. I tell her everyday that I love her.

You may have only been sixteen, but God knew what He was doing when He chose you to be my mother. He gave me the greatest gift a child could ever have. He gave me a Godly mother who loves me. You are the perfect role model for a mother. What a wonderful witness you have been to me.


  1. Jennifer,
    What a beautiful (and that word isn't adequate enough) tribute to your mother. It brought tears to my eyes.
    I began to think of my sweet Godly mother in heaven. Mothers are special and Godly mothers are more precious than gold. Mothers are such a blessing and we never tell them enough how much we love them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jennifer~
    That brought tears to my eyes too! Especially the part about her taking you to church. I returned to church last September with Downey. My husband goes when he can but more often I'm alone. I guess what you wrote pulled at my heartstrings because I hope Downey will say thanks to me for that same thing.
    Thank you for sharing about your sweet Mother!

  3. What a wonderful and uplifting testimony to the love of Mothers!
    I lost my mother to cancer when I was 20.
    Our sweet Lord didn't forsake me.
    He KNEW I still needed a mommy.
    He blessed me with the sweetest and dearest step-mother in the whole wide world.
    She has supported me in wisdom, spiritual guidance, (finances when I was in college), and so much love it is unbelievable.
    I lost my Dad in October.
    My step-mom and I have grown even closer since then.
    I didn't *think* we could be closer.
    But, our grief has drawn us both closer to each other and the Lord.
    I will ALWAYS love and miss my Mother........Always!
    But my step-mom is definately my Mommy too and I LOVE her soooooo much!
    I thank God daily for sending her into my life.
    Thank you Jennifer for your wonderful blog.
    Your sister in Christ,
    Nancy (from ShoutLife)

  4. Beautiful story, tremendous legacy. Thank you for sharing.

  5. All of your comments have me tearing up! Thanks, Jenn, for sharing your story. And thanks to all of you for posting such touching comments.


  6. I hope that this story will somehow get into the hands of young mothers still determining whether to keep or abort their child. I think it would be a huge help to them.