Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Hand of God

The hand of God is always at work. Often times we're too busy to even notice. We chalk things up to happenstance, coincidence, or luck. Why are we so eager to short change God?

Last night we attended my son's end-of-season baseball party. As I was chatting with one of the moms I asked her about their impending move. When I asked her if they'd put their house on the market yet, she responded, "We never put a sign in our yard. It sold before it ever got there. It was totally the hand of God. I know it was."

Oh, how I loved hearing someone giving credit where credit was due.

Back in December, my middle daughter gave birth to her first child. It seemed only fitting that the one we'd always dubbed our drama queen go into labor in the midst of one of the fiercest storms ever to take place in the Pacific Northwest. Winds were blowing over 100 mph. Waves were crashing over one of the roads that led to the hospital. At the hospital, lights went on and off as generators struggled against the powerful winds. Candles were brought into the delivery room.

At the time, I didn't know the severity of the situation. Probably a good thing. But when I went to visit my daughter a few weeks later, I learned just how touch-and-go things had been. As she marveled over her beautiful newborn daughter, she commented how lucky she was to have her. That had the generators gone out, they wouldn't have known the baby was in distress and never would have survived a natural delivery.

I looked at my daughter, who has chosen a different faith than mine, and said, "Sweetie, that wasn't luck, that was the hand of God."

Don't you just love it when you can look back at something and see how God orchestrated events to His pleasing? Doesn't it encourage you when times get tough?

How has the hand of God moved in your life lately? Encourage others by sharing.


  1. I really liked this post. The hand of God is everywhere!!!
    My husband and I are going on a mission trip to Mexico in late July and it just seems whenever we need something poof---it's there. But it's not the poof at all. It's God and his timing.
    And I think through the bad times we have to remember He is strengthing (spelling?) us for a reason.
    Thanks for the post, Mindy.

  2. Mindy,
    This last week has been quite a whirlwind. God's breath:-) I was getting very discouraged in a particular situation. Then I received several really good pieces of news that helped to not only balance out the other situation, but piled joy on joy. It helped me step back and put the other problem into perspective. I think God blows encouragement in when we least expect it to help us navigate our sails through the sea of difficulty.


  3. Mindy,

    Thanks for your post and sharing about your grandbaby that came amist the storm. :)

    Sometimes I wish God would put his arm around me and show me the past, then turn me around and show me the future. Maybe then, it would be clearer why things happen as they have and will happen. But I usually only want that during my selfish times. I am faithful and love Him enough to put all my trust in Him.