Monday, May 21, 2007

His Perfect Love

I heard this term yesterday as I was having DVD church. Yes. I skipped morning church yesterday. (I did go to church in the evening, though.) So I stuck my One Day Sacred Revolution DVD in and had DVD church.
I heard the phrase His perfect love--it stuck with me. His love is perfect. It's the only thing we can count on. Doesn't matter what's going on around us. You aren't guaranteed anything except His perfect love. And right now it is very important for me to know it's the only consistent thing I have.
His perfect love.
I praise God for it.
Let's just say it's important for me to remember that phrase.

Are there any phrases that get stuck in your brain? Some you've remembered?

We'd like to hear them.


  1. Yes, I've got a when can we expect to see you ??? Saturday?? Friday ??? Dont even tell me that your Mother was correct.............Girl, Rent-A-Lenny, we better see you. like real soon.........
    And I see you are getting a lot of writing done. I guess I will just bug Christy, she works when I tell her to !!!!

  2. Great post, Lindi. I needed to hear that, too.

    Nothing struck me to share at the moment. But I'm thinking.


  3. Thanks Missy.
    And Cousin Wendy....I will work, I promise. And I can't say for sure about this weekend. Going to look up airline flights now. Can't drive.....Have to work Monday....Am working on this. I promise.

  4. Lindi,
    Lately it's any song I hear by Casting Crowns (Lifesong, Praise you in this storm, Voice of Truth, Who am I?) that all go through my head. All those lyrics really speak to me. Sometimes its an old hymn...

  5. Yes. Before the parade passes by...
    It's a song from Hello Dolly that I sang for the performance in high school. It's never left me. I still sing it. I can still sing the whole doggone song! Before the parade passes by, I'm going to go and taste Saturday's high life. Before the parade, passes by, I'm going to get some life back into my life. I'm ready to march out in front. I've had enough of just passing by life. With the rest of them, with the best of them, I'm going to hold my head up high. Before the parade....passes by.

    I think that is one of the reasons I am so driven. I learned it as a life lesson while singing and acting. It's never left.