Thursday, May 3, 2007

Interview with Debby Giusti!

I hope you'll all help me welcome debut Steeple Hill author Debby Giusti!

Debby, we’re so glad you could be with us on our blog this week. We’re really excited about your new book, Nowhere to Hide!

Q. I loved Nowhere to Hide! It was so suspenseful and kept me guessing all the way through the book. Can you tell us a little about your story?

A. Hi, Missy. Thanks for inviting me to be on your blog, and thanks for your kind words about Nowhere to Hide. The story starts six months after Lydia Sloan’s husband has been murdered when she realizes the people who killed her husband are now after her son. Lydia and six-year-old Tyler flee to an island off the coast of Georgia and end up running into the danger they were trying to elude. Of course, there’s a hunky hero. Matt Lawson is the chief of island security, and when he finds Lydia breaking into one of the upscale island homes, he’s not sure which side of the law she’s on.

Q. Are you a plotter? How do you figure out what’s going to happen in a suspense?

A. I wrote my first book without plotting and got into so much trouble. Talk about a sagging middle! Yikes! Now I start with a fairly detailed outline to ensure the twists and turns of the story are going to work. I also map out the goals, motivation and conflict for each character before I begin. That way I have a fairly clear idea of where I’m headed, although surprises still weave their way into the story.

Q. Your setting was very real to me. Have you been to the Georgia coastal islands? I felt like I had been there after reading!

A. I’m a water person and love the ocean. So, yes, I’ve been to St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island, but my family and I usually spend our vacations on the Florida coast a little farther south than my fictional Sanctuary Island.

Q. I know you’ve had a medical background like I have. It probably surprises people to hear about microbiologists and medical technologists writing novels. :) Do you think it helps you with your writing, or have you found you have to set aside your scientific mind to find a more creative part?

A. I started out writing for medical publications, which required extensive research. That was great training, and I use that same attention to detail in fiction writing as well. My second book, Scared to Death, will be out in August. It’s a medical suspense so my background working in hospital laboratories came in handy.

Q. Can you tell us a little about you? About your family, your involvement at your church, and any work outside your writing?

A. I’m an extrovert and staying glued to my computer for long periods of time can be tough. Sometimes I take my laptop to Starbucks to be around people while I’m writing. Of course, I’m always thrilled when my children come home for a visit. A full house and lots of people to cook for make me happy. Prayer centers me so I usually stop by church throughout the week for some quiet reflection. I also try to make time for Bible study and outreach.

Q. And some fun questions. :) What’s your favorite restaurant? Favorite dessert? Favorite movie?

A. Favorite restaurant? Anyplace Italian. I love pasta and marinara sauce. Add some seafood, and I’m in heaven. Dessert? Cheesecake, butter pecan ice cream, brownies, chocolate chip cookies . . . you get the idea. I love everything! Favorite movie? An oldie, but goodie-- The Hoosiers!

Q. What writing how-to book have you found most helpful?

A. The Artists Way, by Julia Cameron, is my all-time favorite book on writing. It’s packed with great strategies to ward off writer’s block, to turn off the negative inner voice, and to inspire and motivate. I first read it when I was just starting on my writing journey, and I still pick it up occasionally to read again.

Q. Yes, I loved that one, too. A great book. I used to take "artist dates" to boost creativity. Fun!

Also, Debby had a recent sale, her 3rd book for Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense! Here's a little info about book:

MIA: MISSING IN ATLANTA will be out in March 2008 and is the story of returning war hero Jude Walker who tries to find a girlfriend he met on R&R. Enlisting the help of Sarah Montgomery, a shelter worker who rescues homeless teens, Jude's search leads him into a world of inner-city drugs and exploitation.

I can't wait for your next books, Debby. I look forward to having you come back in August when Scared to Death releases! Thanks so much for being with us today.



  1. Great interview Missy and Debby!

    Debby~ I can't wait to read Nowhere to Hide. It's next in my "to be read" stack!!!

    Come back and visit the F.A.I.T.H. girls again soon!

  2. Once again, my twin and I collide. Nowhere to Hide is waiting in my to-be-read stack also. Although I think it just got moved to the top of the stack.

    Great interview, ladies. Debby, it was great to learn a little more about you. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Sorry I'm late, but great interview. I have Nowhere To Hide on my table right now. Can't wait to read it.
    And Debbie is a fantastic lady.
    Thanks for doing the interview, Debbie!!

  4. Ladies,
    Thanks for having me on your beautiful site! I'm off to the Huntsville Readers' Luncheon to be held on May 5th in Huntsville. I'll spread the word about what you're doing in Georgia.
    Much love,

  5. Hi, Debby. Great interview. Although the talk of italian food may drive me from my place of work searching for food somewhat better than the PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH I have in my car.
    I loved Nowhere to Hide. Keep 'em coming.
    I also love the word debut. Not sure why. I always called my self new author or 'it's my first book' or someother equally lame word and there's the perfect one. Debut? Spelled funny, though.