Saturday, May 19, 2007

Let My Life Sow Seed

In this blog I'm going to reveal my naivety. Casting Crowns has a song out called, "LifeSong." Part of the refrain is, "Let my lifesong sing to you." For almost a year I sang, "Let my life sow seed to you." Thankfully, most of my singing was in the car by myself on the way to and from work, so no one ever heard me, until one weekend. The song came on the radio and our family started singing it. My husband stopped singing, got this puzzled look on his face, and said, "What did you just sing?" When I told him, he doubled over in laughter. I had to remind him that he was driving and to keep his eyes on the road.

Since then there have been times when I have purposely sung my version of the song to the Lord. It's true. I want my life to sow seed to God. When my life is over, I want to know that it was not lived in vain and that I gave something that He can continue to work with long after I'm gone - if the rapture doesn't take me before then.

While God will continue to work through the lives He uses me to touch, I think of my writing as another way to do this. Some books are reprinted after they go out of print. Others are passed on as used books from one to another. I'm collecting books that I will one day pass on to my daughter when she's old enough. Many of them will be out of print by then. She may pass them on to her friends. My prayer is that the words and the books God uses me to create will continue to sow seed for God's kingdom.

Lord, let my life sow seed to you.



  1. Jenn,
    Aren't husband's responses to our goofs the best? LOL!

    But even though your version of the lyrics weren't exact, it means the same thing.

    As a matter of fact, I was singing that same song on the way to my GA Romance Writer's meeting this morning. I believe I bought the CD after you posted about "Praise You In This Storm".

    I love this kind of worship. I know I flub the words some times, but the Lord knows our hearts.


  2. This is an amazing post because we went to see Ed Grosboll speak today. He's a "Diamond" in the Quixtar business. Anyway, he talked about sowing the seeds of our work and talent. I find it astounding how your post and his talk were in agreement.

  3. How funny! I've done the same thing before.

    But I love how your goof up makes such good sense! Hey, you just need to write your own song. :)


  4. I'm reminded of my oldest daughter who, when she was about 17, looked at me one Christmas and said, "It's conspire? I always thought they said perspire." LOL! This is taken from Walking in a Winter Wonderland, "later one we'll conspire as we dream by the fire."
    "Well, it fit," she said. And so did yours, Jenn. Part of our life song is sowing seeds. Someday we'll se our harvest.