Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Some moms today will be in pain because their child is missing. Missing due to death, runaway, custody, miscarriage, infertility, rebellion, misunderstanding, or many other reasons. To those moms and women who desperately hurt over the desire to mother, may the God of all comfort and compassion send you joy so great that it overflows into the lives of others.

May your heart be filled amazement at the Lord's mercy and tenderness. May this day be a day of extreme joy unlike any you have ever felt before. And if it just doesn't feel like it, please know that the Lord is holding you in His arms preparing for the blessings to come.

I stand with you. I may not know your exact circumstance as you do not know mine, but I do understand those hurt feelings, confusion, and even anger. Today is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. There is a reason. There is a God who cares. Please put your heart, pain, and longings in His hands.

My situation, like yours, probably won't be solved easily. I need someone bigger than me to handle it. So do you. Let's give it to Him together.

Dear Lord Jesus,
We place our troubled hearts in Your hands. Please take them gently. Soothe our worries and our fears. Please help our wandering or missing sons and daughters. Draw them close to you. We ask for your protection on our children. We ask for your grace on those who beg for a child to be given. Turn your face on these women who beg for your mercy with one voice. Let us see not only reprieve, but also joy that is multiplied ten time past the pain we have felt. Grant us your ear and your answer. Especially, we bring before you those women who have lost their children to death, miscarriage, or injustice.
In Jesus Name,


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