Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shrek the Third

My two youngest kids and I went to see Shrek the Third yesterday. So fun! I just love all the Shrek movies. And it’s always amazing to me to be able to take a silly movie like that and to see the elements of a good story in it.

A good friend of mine, Tina Russo, likes to watch movies to study story structure. (She also has the coolest website ever, which her husband designed, but I digress.) Taking these movies apart is a great idea. I’ve even taken part in online classes where they use movies to teach about the hero’s journey and such.

I think we also do some of the analyzing naturally. I just about always figure out the ending of a movie early on (unless it’s a suspense or mystery where they purposefully throw you off). I pretty much keep up a running dialogue throughout, telling everyone around me what’s going to happen next, and what’s going to happen way down the road in the movie. My husband thinks it’s funny. And gets a kick when I’m wrong. But my oldest son gets so frustrated! It drives him up the wall. :-) I’ll gasp when I realize what’s about to happen in the movie, and, furious, my son will pause the DVD and tell me to stop before I ruin it. Of course, I add in a little extra of my chatter just to aggravate him. (I’m so bad! LOL)

Can you think of a movie that really shows a great character arc or romance arc? A movie that’s really well-written?



  1. Hey, you mentioned me. What I find interesting is looking for Three Act Structure and character arc in movies. Michael Hague and Chris Vogler use Shrek, the original to teach this in their DVD The Heroes Two Journeys, which I bought through Michael's website,

  2. You can't beat The Chronicles of Narnia - the book series is the best and I cant wait for the other movies to come out !


  3. Gasp! Missy, you're one of the dreaded movie spoilers? Shame on you.

  4. Tina, I loved those DVD's! I'm using them right now on my wip.

    Wendy, I'm so looking forward to the next Narnia movie, too! It seems like it's been forever since the first.

    Mindy, yes, I hate to admit it. Luckily, you don't need to worry. I only do it to my poor family. :)


  5. Missy,

    My husband loves to spoil movies too. He was really bad about it when we first met and would say, "I bet this is going to happen." Or he'd ask me - "Do you want to know what's going to happen next?"

    "NO!" I would plead!

    There are a lot of movies out there that are so well written and how they're played out is what really grabs you emotionally. One movie that sticks out to me, that I really loved and didn't expect to, was Walk the Line. It was about Johnny and June Cash. I think one reason I loved it so much was that the element of his faith in God was so strong and it showed his life from the lowest to the highest moments. Definetly a roller coaster. I love that movie! And the actors who played them were superb!

  6. Missy, I am so glad to find someone else who watches movies the way I do! Let's go together and we'll have a ball!

    I am so glad you mentioned Tina and the screenplay DVD's. I have saved an email from her for a long time so I could order it. You reminded me.

    Tina is an awesome writer and person!

  7. Pride and Prejudice, Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, My Fair Lady, Sabrina, ....