Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thanking my Children on Mother’s Day

We’re having a Mother’s Day theme this week, focusing on family, and on being moms. For me, being a mom is God’s greatest blessing. And it hit me the other day that I should be thanking my kids instead of expecting them to honor me on Sunday. (Of course, I would still love a gift certificate for a facial!)

I hope you blog readers won’t mind indulging me as I write a tribute to each of my children.

To my oldest… Thank you for being so honest, so trustworthy. Thank you for being strong, independent, and unafraid to be your own person. I never had that kind of confidence when I was your age. I admire that in you. I’m also amazed at how smart you are, how talented. I know that you’ll be able to do anything you set your mind to. And I believe you have a heart for service to others as well. I can’t wait to see what you grow to become, because I know you’ll keep making wise, God-guided decisions. You’re smart, trustworthy, and living a Godly life, a perfect mix.

To my second child… Thank you for your tender heart, for your sweet hugs. You’ve always been my cuddly child, and I’ve enjoyed every minute. I just hope you don’t outgrow it! Also, I’m proud of how kind you are to others, regardless of who they are or where they come from. You’ve always tried to include everyone, and have been a loyal friend to others. I’ve watched as you’ve interacted with teammates, have grown and become respected. You’ll make a great leader someday, no matter what you decide to do career wise. You’re smart, kind, and inclusive, a perfect mix.

To my youngest (and I know you hate to be called the youngest!)… I have to say it: you are my baby and always will be. :) I’m so proud of how kind you are, how sensitive to other’s feelings. I’m proud of how you’ve taken a stand when other kids are being mistreated. You’re brave and strong, willing to risk popularity to do what is right. And I’m constantly amazed at how generous you are. You’ve always shared your snacks and toys with me. :) Smart, brave and generous, another perfect mix.

I guess no tribute to my children can be complete without thanking my husband, the contributor of half of their DNA! :) Thank you for giving me my family. For taking care of us, and for loving us. I’m sure that all their good qualities come from you. :)

Thanks to my blogging friends for letting me write this. Be sure to leave a comment for entry into our drawing! Tell us something/someone you’re thankful for this week. Or consider writing your own tribute to someone.



  1. Missy--way to make us cry!!

    I do give thanks to my two. Both are in college and doing well. They have let my heart be open to pure joy-I love them for that.
    And to my two stepdaughters. They are a dream come true. Beautiful young ladies who have enriched my life tremendously.
    My kids keep me young. I love them.
    All of them.

  2. Missy~
    That is so sweet. I'm sure your family is as kind and friendly as you are! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hey Missy -

    Thank you for sharing little snippets of your children's personalities with us. It shows that you are the loving, tender person at home that you show the rest of the world.

    I am not a mom, but I have become best friends with my mother. I once had a decision to make and it ended up being the best one ever. I chose to stay with her when we weren't that close. She turned out to be more caring, loving and wise than I ever thought she was. Now we laugh, cry and talk! Happy Mother's Day to you all. ~ Lara

  4. Oh Missy, what a wonderful person you are. I hope you know that. I've known it for years. Sending you best wishes my friend.


  5. Awwwwww, Missy, your post brought tears to my eyes. I lived in fear of having a daughter, so sure I would reap what I sowed. My sweet girl has blessed my life tremendously. God is so good to give me a young woman who loves the Lord and lives for Him.

    Thanks for such a wonderful tribute to your children. You never cease to bless me in some way.

  6. You know, I think I might have to write a tribute to my step-mom. She's quite a wonderful person and deserves to be recognized on Mother's Day too with more than a few flowers. What a great idea, Missy!

  7. I'm saying 'thank you' to my husband, who's turned a negative quality into a super dad quality: that there's love in taking care of the many small details in the lives of our children and that expecting excellence doesn't have to be a harsh thing.


  8. Thanks everyone, for reading today. I sent a response to everyone earlier, and it isn't on here! It looks like it got lost in cyberspace. Or else I typed in the "secret" code wrong. :)

    Margie!! I was so excited to see your name here! Has your email changed? I was afraid I had lost touch with you. Please, please email me!! I've been trying to reach you. :)

    Lara, that's great that you have that relationship with your mom. It made me want to get on the phone to call my mother. :)

    Lindi, Jess and Gina, thank so much for sharing your tributes today. They sound like amazing people!

    Angie, I look forward to your tribute for you step-mom.


  9. Oh sure, Missy, just ruin the makeup. You're such a wonderful mom though.

  10. Missy, I could only hope that my Mother couls write something so dear to the heart as you did. Yiour kids are very fortunate as I have been too. Nothing beats unconditional love..............
    Lindi's cousin....

  11. Missy,

    What a sweet tribute to each of your children. It reminded me of Joseph when in his old age he called all twelve of his sons and individually blessed them. Your children are very blessed to have you as their mother.