Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wow, what a ride!

Angie, hubby, and 2 of the kids at Disneyland this last April. Definitely a great ride!!!

Submission. Such a controversial word, isn't it? It can have several meanings in the English language. Usually, we think it means a roller coaster ride into the depths of being controlled by someone else. We experience fear, skepticism, ego, or rebel. I'm sure there are more reactions out there than I can even imagine.

I adore roller coasters. What do I control? Getting on. The ride is awesome. I love the thrill. You know what? I have no control over the ride, but I have a fabulous time once I decide to jump in. I laugh hysterically. Then talk about every turn and drop!

I prayed for ideas on how to make enough money to go to conferences and to send my son to school (he goes to a private Christian school.) Then one thought I'd had flitting around in the back of my head like a hummingbird landed. Another author suggested greeting cards. That was something I'd always wanted to try. I'd written several short things that were meaningful to me and my friends, but I didn't know what to do with them.

I felt nudged by the suggestion. I queried. It was responded to in one day!

It could have only come from one place, the Big Guy:-) He spoke to me through one of His children that allowed Him to work through her. We emailed back and forth a few times. I learned quickly what I had to do. The question now-would I?

I prayed, would I be obedient to the leading?

If I am submissive, I will submit my work:-D

And so I will, today.

Is there something you know you should do? What stops you?

Are you afraid of the ride? I hope you'll jump on too.

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  1. Ang,

    Love the photo. I LOVE roller coasters myself. They are a blast.

    I'm still dealing with the whole submission idea/process. I think I'm doing okay, then something happens and I realized I've been trying to control the whole thing.
    I'm a work in progress.

  2. Awesome picture Angie! And I pray you have success with the greeting cards. What a cool thing to have on your writing resume.

    Lindi, I'm not submitting anything, just trying to finish what I've started. I know the meaning of WORK IN PROGRESS. Goodness, it's hard to give it all to Him isn't it?

    Maybe you and I need to compare notes some time?

  3. I'm a control freak, so can totally appreciate your post, Angie. :)It's a constant battle for me to give up control to God. I have to do it daily. Hourly. Minutely? Is that a word? ;)

    Loved the photos!! LOL


  4. Angie,

    Love the photo! We'll be in Disney World next weekend. Maybe I'll have a couple of photos to bring back!