Monday, June 18, 2007

Amazing Grace

Wendy, who goes to my church, sang Amazing Grace yesterday with a young lady who has a gift of singing, but didn't want to sing by herself. The young lady is a teenager and is shy. So Wendy, who sings frequently at the church, sang with her. It was beautiful.
Before they sang, Wendy told the story of the song. If you haven't seen the movie Amazing Grace you should see it. It is very good.
The song is so familiar to a lot of people. But it is an important song. It has a fabulous message of the love of God.
Are there any songs you know of that are familiar, yet powerful?


  1. Amazing Grace is one of those songs for me, too, Lindi. You can sing it over and over, then really listen to the words and it'll hit you all over again.

    Another hymn that moves me to tears every time we sing it is Here I Am, Lord. Wow. Love those words.


  2. Missy,
    We sang that one to, Sunday. You would have needed lots of Kleenex, huh?

  3. I love both those songs, but I really love to sing. A few of my favorites are How Great Thou Art (I take off on a tangent from the rest of the congregation), The Old Rugged Cross, Oh Happy Day (this one my grandfather sang to me as a child), and The Lord's Prayer. This last song is also from my grandfather. He had a 1923 version that he gave to me. We'd sing many old hymns together as I grew up. Then there is Silent Night. I had a wonderful experience in high school with Mr. Sheehan, my choir director. He had my jazz choir take that song and make it our own by creating tunes within the song. Now it is the only way I can sing it. Every time I do, I'm taken back to my jazz choir at Christmas. I miss singing with my old friends as much as I miss singing with my grandpa.