Monday, June 11, 2007

Busy Bee-Or Not To Be

Our church is doing a Bible Study this summer. It's Beth Moore's The Patriarchs. She starts the study out by asking why we are taking the time to study the ancient of days when time is as such a premium today?
It was ironic that she said that after my whining to myself all day yesterday about time. How I didn't have enough time. For this, for that, for anything. I was almost in tears yesterday regarding time. Or lack of it.
But what it boils down to is planning. I didn't have enough time yesterday because I didn't plan well. And yes, I recognized this yesterday, but it didn't help my situation or my mood.
So imagine my surprise when I opened my Bible study book at 10:00 last night and that was the first line I read. It about put me in my place, let me tell you. I'm not the only busy person in this world. And I wouldn't be so stressed about it half the time if I would plan well.
Then, doesn't God always like to reinforce?
This morning, my Andrew Murray devotional for the day talks about experiencing the love of Jesus throughout the day.
This is the last line of the devotional.
"He will reveal the love of Christ to us so that we can love Him with pure hearts in the midst of a busy life, with all it's distractions."
Daily In His Presence-Andrew Murray with Bruce Wilkinson-Multnomah Publishers.
What about you? Do you feel "too busy" sometimes?


  1. Lindi,
    As of late, I found myself at the end of my day exhausted and wondering what I had done that made me feel this way.

    I know what you mean about not planning your day properly. I'm always finding myself irritated that I didn't accomplish something and usually it was because I wasted time doing something unneccesary.

    I have found integrating a time of prayer into my day, whether it be at noon or two in the morning makes the outlook on my day much better.

    Thanks for your post and I hope you can plan the rest of your day more fruitfully.

  2. I just wrote a 2 page answer for you two, and it didnt go through, so now Im too busy to do it again. Perhaps later...........

  3. Uh, no, I don't feel busy sometimes. Are you crazy? I feel busy all the time! There is always something that needs to be done. Whether I choose to do it or not is another story :-) I'm the world's worst procrastinator, which means I often times get myself in trouble where time management is concerned. I'm working hard on allowing God to guide my schedule and seeing His Glory in the little things.

  4. HI all,

    I'm not glad that you guys are busy too, but I'm glad to see I'm not alone.
    And anonymous.....don't you hate that when that happens?
    I hope you're not too busy to type again. YOu know we always love to hear what you have to say.

  5. Im certain that I could enlighten you'all !!!! :) I will attempt to try this again.............Lets see.......Busy ? I went to work Wed. at 6pm, off Thurs, at 8am, (2 clients) same thing Fri and Sat. but I managed to get 18 holes of golf in on Sat. and sunday. Thank Goodness I was off today to cut the grass and weed the garden. Ya'll ought to come up soon and try the best tomatoes, radishes, green beans, watermelon, sweet, green, and yellow onions, that you've ever had ! Will be ready soon. I guess I finished about 7, started the grill, cooked us a couple steaks, baked potates, and salad, and we hopped in the shower. (yes, we) So, right now Im NOT busy, but about to fall asleep. Goodnight all, and Lindi and Christy, if you are reading this, you should be writing !!!

    Cousin Wendy
    P.S. - If you need organizational skills, feel free to call, my Mother did teach me well in planning........

  6. Oh, let me tell you about organization. Cousin Wendy is the bomb!!! I'm telling you there is no one like her.
    She can organize anything.
    See Christy, we are here---and she (single she-(yes she's got a guy, but we're talking girl talk here))single she--double you and me-Lindi and Christy--I think she should come here and organize--what do you say?

  7. Geez Lindi, blow my balloon !!!!! Yes, Im single however got up at 430 to make breakfast and pack a lunch, about to head outside (its only 646 am). HOWEVER, I DO have to go to work at 6 pm, and yes, I DO get tired. Im not quite the youngster I used to be. But then again, Lindi is getting close................. (you know, girl talk ) hehe. Have a good day all, and Lindi, you lose, love you more.

  8. Lindi, I also think that you should take all of your buddies to buggar hill............If you ever have a doubt about believing, you wont any longer.........kind of woke me up and you cant go without Brenna !!!!!!

  9. I knew you would take my comment wrong. I didn't mean single and is guy/girl couple, I meant single as in there is 1 of you in Ohio and 2 of us here in Georgia.
    That's what I meant by single. Since there's 1 of you in Ohio you should come see the 2 of us in Ga.
    I knew I shouldn't have tried to explain late at night. I'm no good at that.
    Early morning is better for me.
    And I forgot about the "Hill". I may have to do that!

  10. Oh, and one more thing. In my post I talked about my devotional that I read for the day.
    Well, it was the wrong day! But I guess God wanted me to read that post yesterday. I was supposed to read it today. So I read it again.
    Talk about reinforcement!!!

  11. Get a life woman.............