Sunday, June 10, 2007

Check-In Sunday

Where is every body?

Jenn's on vacation... How about the rest of you?

Has any one been writing? How about reading? Let us know what's been going on this week and any plans for next week!


  1. I started a writing calender last week. I don't usually do well with planning and organizing, but I'm trying to change. I think there may be some brilliance in being organized and I need any brilliance I can get.

    I'm planning to write more about using the calendar on my blog either today or tomorrow.

    Anyway, it's been a good writing week using the calendar and having my laptop in a different area of the house. I'm on step 6 of Randy Ingermanson's snowflake method.

    My goal for next week is to be through with the snowflake and hopefully be starting the story.

  2. I'm still working my way through Donald Maass's "Writing the Breakout Novel." Parts of it are slow, hard to read. I did manage to write 5 pages this week. Yea! The good news is that I still liked them when I looked at them later.

  3. Hey all,
    I just had my Reverse Birthday Surprise Party! Basically, I invited friends and family to a birthday bbq. But instead of them coming to a party for me, I turned the tables and surprised all of them. I bought presents for all my guests and addressed the cake to them. It's posted with photos on my blog:-D So fun!

    Writing, writing, writing...oh yeah, I'm a writer.

    Um, I did okay this week. I had to rewrite and send my proposal for a line of cards based on prayer to the publisher. Why? Because they'd originally told me to send by email and then changed it to hard copy. So I had to change the format and do it over. The good thing was that it helped me to clarify my proposal.

    I also outlined 5 chapters of my new book. I still have the rest to do. I will do that this week.

    I'm taking two online classes this month. Ugh! It's too much again, but I really wanted these two.

    I also ate a LOT of birthday cake...You will understand when you see the cake, lol.


  4. Hi,

    I'm working on revising a book I finished a while ago. I worked through the plot some and I think I can make the story stronger. More relatable.
    Will continue this week.