Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

My family is getting ready to cruise the Caribbean. Twelve of us all together. I don't say that to make you envious, I say it because I'm going nuts trying to pack.

We've done our fair share of traveling, but this is different. I've never been on a cruise before, but the one thing I know for certain is that there is no Wal-mart in the Gulf of Mexico. Therefore, I'm having to take anything and everything that we might possibly need. IB, children's IB, band aids, alcohol (for the ears, silly), aloe vera gel in case somebody gets sunburned, and Immodium. Hey, we are going to Mexico.

Then we move on to clothes. Can you believe they don't have laundromats on those floating vessels? Yes, we can get things laundered for "a nominal fee," but I'm not sure just how nominal that fee really is. Soooo, we have to make sure we take enough shirts, shoes, socks, and unmentionables to get us through the week. Then they throw in two formal dinner nights. Personally, these promise to be my favorites. I love to dress up. But when you have two boys who live in jeans and t-shirts, this can be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately they do own dress slacks and a button-down shirt. But naturally one of them didn't have dress shoes that fit. So we had to buy dress shoes.

Which brings me to another point. It seems like we've spent a ton of money before we even walk out the door. As mentioned before, gotta be sure we have everything, and plenty of it. Sunscreen, disposable waterproof cameras, water shoes, not to mention all the every day items that we could possibly run out of.

I know y'all are feeling totally sorry for me at this point. I can hear the tiny violins playing in the background.

Traveling with a family can be a challenge. But the memories made are worth it. Are you a master packer? Do you organize and prioritize? Do you keep a running list of what to take on trips? Or do you fret and worry, afraid that you'll forget something? Basically, are you a pantzer or a plotter? See, I knew I could relate to writing somehow!


  1. Are you a master packer?
    Yes. I used to be a flight attendant, so I really am.
    Do you organize and prioritize?
    Do you keep a running list of what to take on trips?
    Okay, now you can laugh. For years I did packing lists on the computer and printed them for all my family to use.
    Or do you fret and worry, afraid that you'll forget something?
    No, I don't worry because I have those lists and I've made everyone go through them with me, lol. Not so much anymore, my kids are pros at packing now:-D
    Basically, are you a pantzer or a plotter?
    I just figured out that I'm a plotter. And you, Mindy, helped me to realize that, roflol.
    Huh, you learn something new about yourself everyday.

  2. LOL!!


    Poor, poor Mindy. sniff, sniff. Has to pack for her CRUISE!

    I am totally a pantzer when it comes to packing, of course I never really go anywhere any more for it to count.

    What? No WalMart in the Gulf of Mexico? The Walton family needs to get on this! Surely, they can have a drive through for all the boats going back and forth.

    This makes total sense to me.

    Have fun on your cruise, Mindy.

  3. I'm a so-so packer. I don't pack until the last minute, but I do think and wash and buy before hand.
    I love to go on cruises. They are my favorite type of vacation. And what I"ve found is (unless you spill something on it) you can wear an outfit (casual clothes I'm talking here) more than once. Mix and match that denim skirt with a couple of tops, a pair of flat sandals will do for a lot of outfits.
    What I dread is coming home and washing all that stuff!!!!
    So I think I'm a panster heart learning to be a plotter.

  4. I guess I'm a plotter. I usually write up a packing list. But nothing as fancy as Angie's computer list. :)

    And I am usually a last minute person, so maybe I'm a panster/plotter mix. Kind of like my writing style.

    Have a great trip! I've never been on a cruise before. (Do you hear your tiny violins playing now?!) :)