Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Getting To Know Yourself

This is my friend taking a self photo at my Reverse Birthday Party. She's zany, fun, full of laughter, and a very good friend. Do you notice that her photo of herself isn't a full view? That's what we're going to consider today, getting a clear view of ourselves as writers.

I've been reading and learning a lot about branding. I came up with a list of questions inspired by Randy's Advanced Fiction blog that I asked several people close to me to answer. Why? Because, to paraphrase Randy Ingermanson, you might learn something from someone else that you didn't know about yourself or your writing. That is exactly why I took up the challenge of asking these questions. See how they help you further hone your uniqueness as a person and/or as an author. If you'd like to copy them and ask them of your close circle, feel free.

Afterward, look through the answers you get back to see if you find similarities. Use those to build a bigger picture of you. (I sent a pre-question email asking the people if they'd be willing before I sent the questions out of respect for their time and I didn't want to make them feel obligated with a list of questions popping up without permission.

This note is how I asked those kind helpers to join in my quest once I had their permission to send the questions. If you, dear reader, would like to answer the questions for me, I'd be honored by your consideration. (If you've never read anything I've written, feel free to read my first chapter on my website and a devotional is also at that site.

These questions are to find my perceivable strengths and uniqueness.
I'm asking a few close people to see what they see in me. I saw a
lot of value in doing a search and find mission of willing souls:-)
Thank you for whatever part of this you have time to help me with.

Here's the questions that I'm going to use to further hone my "branding."

1. How do people (you) perceive me as a person/professional?

2. What makes me unique among my colleagues to you?

3. How do my readers (you) see me? (Separate from #1 question.)

4. What about me do you think is usable for my brand?

5. What kind of personality do you think I have?

6. How does my personality tie into my fiction?

7. Who is going to like my kind of writing?

8. What do you think drives me to write like this?

9. What do you think I am passionate about?

10. What do readers (you) experience when you read my work?

11. What do you think my priorities are?

Thank you for visiting us today at FAITH.



  1. Okay. . .lemme see

    1) I think you come across as very professional, very well-spoken.

    2) I think what makes you unique is your poise. (don't know if I was supposed to answer in terms of writing or not. I haven't really read your work)

    3) Can't answer this one as per reason quoted above.

    4) Hmmm. . .brand as in a mark or brand as in recurring element? Trademark would have to be your hair :-)

    5) You come across as outgoing--a real people person, though I'm learning that you are also a very private person. You're introspective and good at seeing the little things in life.

    6) (Mindy shrugs her shoulders)

    7) still shrugging, though aside from your FAITH sisters, it will be quite a lot :-)

    8) Your personality. I guess I left of driven/goal oriented.

    9) Your family, God. Things that matter to you.

    10) shrugging again--you need to give me some of your work

    11) Hmm, this is so close to #9. We'll keep those and throw in your hubby's business and your modeling.

    How'd I do? Did I pass? Just kidding. Don't know if I helped you much or not. But you really do need to let me read your work :-)

  2. Hey Mindy:-)
    You're very helpful. And I have some work posted on my website. It's the first chapter of my first book and then I have my favorite devotional there too. I hope you enjoy it.
    PS Now you get to see how you answer these questions about you:-)

  3. Angie, I've been thinking about this list of questions all week.

    I don't know.

    I can't answer these for myself yet!

    You go girl! You rock!