Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Like my ship? Funny thing happens when you spend a week on a cruise ship -- you begin to think of it as your own. As I made a final pass through our stateroom to make sure we hadn't forgotten anything, I was overcome with the thought that in just a few short hours someone else would be settling into that same room. My room. Sigh. So you gather up all your clothes, souvenirs, and toiletries and head back to reality.

Cruising is an exquisite escape from reality. They clean your room, not once, but twice a day. Don't know what you're hungry for? Doesn't matter, head for the cafe or dining room and you're bound to find something scrumptious. And unless you are willing to pay a huge bill, there are no cell phones, no Internet, no way for people to track you down. Except for those that are with you, in which case walkie-talkies work really well. That is, if you can find a channel someone else isn't monopolizing.

While escaping my own reality, I got to visit the reality of peoples from other nations, namely Mexico and Honduras. I was quick to point out to my children that many people in the world didn't have the luxuries that they had. We spent time in a little Mexican village named Mahual where the boys got to see children their own age heading off to school in a little cinder-block, unair-conditioned building, with just a tiny wooden jungle gym for recess. Tiny wooden shacks that barely resembled buildings at all were home to families. I welcomed the reminder of just how fortunate we are.

On board the ship, many of the workers were from impoverished nations. As they would clear away our plates with leftover food, I often wondered what they thought of us. How wasteful we were. The thought saddened me.

Sitting on this white sandy beach in Roatan, Honduras with the sea breeze blowing across my skin, I realized how good these people had it. Oh they may not have much money, but they don't have the stress that we do either. They're laid-back life style is the polar opposite of our hurry-hurry, rush-rush world. Beauty abounds every where they look, from the sea to the lush plant life. I look out my window and see brick and rooftops.

Given the choice, I'm not sure which way of life I'd choose. We've become so accustom to this modern hubbub that it would be hard to adapt to something we consider primitive. I suppose, in a perfect world, I'd take the luxuries I have here in America and transplant them there, in paradise. But then I'd be missing the whole point.

What about you? Where would you choose? If you had to abandon life and as you knew it and start all over someplace else, where would you choose?

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  1. Beautiful!

    I want to move to that little hut. My hubby could fish and my daughter could build a million sandcastles. I could bake in the sun and dream up a thousand stories!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mindy,
    Sounds like a fabulous time. Royal Caribbean knows how to do it right. I've never had a bad time or been sea sick. And I LOVE the food. Pizza every night at midnight.

    That's for me!

  3. Mindy,
    I am reflective like you are. I consider the people of the place I'm visiting. I wonder about my choices compared to what they are up against.

    I guess if I couldn't be where I am, I'd be in a place like Hawaii or Victoria.

    Thank you for sharing. You introduced some great setting/conflict ideas here too.