Friday, June 15, 2007

Making Decisions


You mean I have to choose?

Oh no.


I don't want to.

What do you mean hurry up?

I need more time!


Hubby likes to tease me about not being able to make decisions. The above is not one of our quarrels. Nope, that's a snippet of the bickering that goes on in my head.

Hubby asked me back in January to decide where I wanted to go on vacation this year.

Guess where we're going. . .

We're not.

I never could make a decision. Something else always came up that I needed to do instead of research places to go and stay. When I finally did this, it was May and all the good rooms were booked. Now I've told him, let's go somewhere during the holidays. I just have to decide where to go.


I think Hubby doesn't realize that I make plenty of decisions throughout the day.

"Downey, would you like chicken nuggets or fish sticks for lunch?"

What's that?

You mean I'm not making that decision? MY daughter is?

Oh boy, do I have issues!

But I do make decisions! It's just no one's ever around to see that I make them! Okay, just this morning I used French Vanilla Coffee-mate in my coffee instead of Plain. There. A very important decision faced and tackled.

However, I can be very indecisive at times. (sigh) I can't decide what shoes to wear. I have all these shirts in the closet and none look right with this pair of pants.

But what if I chose this pair... Or this pair?

Oh no! It's another decision !

Missy blogged about Fear yesterday. Well, I think struggling with making decisions is an extension of fear.

From personal experience, I hesitate in admitting what I truly want for fear it will be met with adversity. Who wants to rock the boat, you know?

Getting in the saddle of decision making is something I continuously work on. I've made decisions before. Some have been right and some have been wrong. I suppose it's fear of making another wrong choice that holds me back at times. I wish I could keep a strong hold on the ability to make decisions because whether right or wrong, at least I've made a stand for something. Whether it's a vote for the next President or whether I'd like to eat at an Italian or Mexican restaurant tonight. Right or wrong, pasta or tortillas, make a decision and feel good about it.

Does any one else struggle with making decisions?

Come and Share! Don't be afraid. You know the old saying? Misery {in decision-making} loves company.


  1. LOL! Christy, I can't even decide what to make for dinner. It drives me crazy. And I always want to get someone else's input. "Well, what do you think?"
    This is a trait that can be really annoying in my writing. "Should I go this way or that?" I think the problem is that we live in a world that offers too many choices. But, alas, it would be awful boring without them.

  2. My, my, my, ...............I can't decide where to begin. Let me think about this for a bit...........

  3. I hate to make decisions also. Lenny is always asking me where to eat when we decide to go out. I don't know why he asks, because I always say Mexican and he always says okay.
    And I say Mexican because I don't know what else to pick.

    And I"m like Christy deciding what to wear.

    I'm glad I'm not alone.

  4. I actually get tired of making decisions. I think we need a rest from that just like we need a Sabbath. I think it would be really cool to have a Sabbath from decisions. sigh. A day I don't have to make heavily weighted choices that affect so many other people. A day on the beach with a good book that I picked prior to that day, lol. Oh yeah.

  5. I love your responses, Ladies! LOL Mindy and Anonymous (Who sounds a lot like Cousin Wendy :))

    No you're not alone, Lindi. Guess what, I made it to GRW today! Missed seeing you!

    Angie! LOL! Yes, lets have a day with no need to make decisions. We'll all go to Decision Free Island, where they bring you cool refreshments and you sit by the clear blue ocean as long as you like. Ahhh, vacation!

  6. Okay, first let me say that your post really cracked me up, Christy!! :)

    And then let me say that I'm probably way too verbal with my opinions! LOL I decide what's for dinner. I just about always have an opinion when my family goes out to eat. Although with friends I'm less likely to jump right in with a suggestion. Because I am pretty flexible.

    But I do have trouble making tough decisions. I'll worry something to death before making the final decision. I'll spend hours online (or days even) deciding where I think the family should go on vacation. And then I'll get everyone to look at the places I've chosen to help me make the final decision. I also have a tough time deciding what to buy when shopping, especially if funds are really limited.

    So we all have certain things that are harder than others to decide on. I also agree with Angie that it gets tiring. I've been known to tell my husband that my brain is tired and I can't make one more decision that day. (That's usually when we have a child who's misbehaved or some kind of conflict to resolve between siblings!) :)

    So take heart, Christy. And just feed Downey whatever is the easist that day. :)