Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reverse Surprise Party

I posted my Reverse Surprise Party on my personal blog, but then was asked to post a little more.

What is it? Just my over active creativity at work, lol!

Problem: So you know I don't like camping, but I also don't like celebrating my own birthday normally. Why? Who knows. Maybe enough weird things growing up that made it uncomfortable to be the center of attention.

Need: Brainstorm a socially acceptable way to be less uncomfortable and lose that cornered feeling at parties.
Now you need to realize that I'm totally comfy with my age, who I am inside, what I look like, for the most part:-)
I just don't like being the focus of a party.

Solution: Flip the tables on everyone and surprise them! I bought inexpensive presents for everyone who came to my birthday party. I wrapped them all in the same paper. I had the cake written to my guests instead of to me. Then I served them throughout the party. (my hubby manned the BBQ though:-) ) None of my family knew what I'd planned. They thought it was a standard birthday barbecue. Mwahahaha:-D Boy were they all surprised! It was awesome!

I think the most important thing with creativity is to not limit yourself. Play with ideas. Be willing to be abnormal. This is the way you will break through as a writer, in your personal dreams, and your personal happiness. Now well into my 40's, I've learned not to settle for the norm any more. Life is much more satisfying not only because I'm willing to be different, but because I'm willing to honor who I really am.

Here are some fun pictures from that party. Incidentally, I matched up several of my guests to books I thought they'd like written by inspirational authors.

This book, for my sister-in-law, is called 10,000 Charms.

Babies are always fun:-D

Psst, I gave my son a book, by Tom Morrissey, called In High Places. My son is a rock climber too:-)

Do you like being creative? Does a Reverse Surprise Party give you any ideas? How can you nurture yourself to solve a problem creatively? Would one of your characters do something like this?


  1. What a great--and generous!--idea, Angie! I love it. :) I'm sure you all had a great time, and you didn't have to feel like you were on camera or in the glare of lights.

    Beautiful table, by the way!!


  2. Angie,
    I know I commented on your other post, but I forgot one important matter.
    Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Angie,
    Happy Birthday.BUT, heck with the party, Im coming to your house to EAT !!!

    Cousin Wendy

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes:-)
    And Wendy, you're invited anytime you visit MT to eat at my house.