Friday, June 1, 2007

Speedy Gonzalez or Slowpoke Rodriguez?

Until recently, I'd forgotten that I can be obsessive-compulsive when it comes to reading. If I am enjoying a novel, I want to be fully absorbed in its world until I turn to the last page. Sometimes, I'm disappointed when that last page comes and I find myself wondering what life would've been like, if I were living in Ireland, if I were Amish, if I lived back in the 1800s and was driving West with a wagon train...

I'm dropping hints in reference to some books I've read over the years. My tastes have changed considerably in the type of novels I buy, but my OC complex is still the same.

I do not want to move from the couch until the chapter or whole book is complete. I rush, like Speedy Gonzalez, through the story in a fever, dying to know if the hero and heroine finally get together and live happily ever after . . .

Since I have a two year old, my couch-sitting days are over for a while. No problem for me and my favorite book, though. Nope, I just clutch that trade size or mass market paperback in whatever hand is free and I go about my day. I'll whip it out at stop lights. I'll linger in the parking lot of the grocery store to read just one more page. At home, I'm outside with my daughter, one eye on her as she climbs up the ladder to go down her slide, while one eye and most of my brain is on the sizzling plot that has seized my every thought.

And later, a few weeks or months may pass, I'll revisit the book. If it's really a great one, I'll pick it up and read it again, this time I'll go slow and enjoy each and ever sentence. I'll linger over a scene and imagine how it would look on a movie screen. Like good old Slowpoke Rodriguez, I take my time.

So I ask you, dear reader, are you Speedy Gonzalez when it comes to reading your favorite author or are you Slowpoke Rodriguez?


  1. I'm going to have to say I'm both. I love to read, but because of the myriad of things I do...
    I read 5-6 books at a time. A few chapters of each. Always different genres because I have to be in the mood for a certain something. Kind of like a flavor of the day. There are very few books that hold me to the end before I pick up another one.

    I'm like that with work too. In any one day, I could write, model, do the books, be mom and wife, go run, volunteer, or whatever. No day is the same.

    I make lists and work my lists in order to get things done. I guess you could say I'm eclectic to the extreme, lol. But it really seems to be the unique thing about me. I do a lot, I work hard to balance it. It keeps me from being too bored because my mind is very quick.

    So to answer the question, if a book keeps my attention, it is an amazing read! I'll race through and go back to certain phrases (while reading it) to tickle my brain as if the words were a lilac I have to linger over to get the full fragrance.


  2. I tend to be more like you Christy, minus the OCD :-) When I start a book, I don't want to put it down until I have that fulfilling ending. Unfortunatly, that never happens. However the book usually stays in one spot. I steal moments here and there.
    Angie, they would have to lock me up if I tried to do all you do. Unless I do, and just don't know it. Who knows? But I know I cannot read more than one book at a time. I find it amazing that I can read one book and still write another.
    Okay, now I'm confusing myself.

  3. Christy - Im a total SPEEDY !! the library loves me. When I find an Author that I like, I read all that is written by them. Im good for 4 - 6 books a week. By the way, I cant find your writing meter at all, all you slacking and trying to make me look dumb ?? Heheheh - Anyhow, just finished 17.5 hours of work and have 49 hours in 3 days, so Im taking a nap. With any luck at all I wont harass you until Sunday.........but then, beware !!!
    (excuse my spelling, Im tired !)

    Cousin Wendy

  4. Angie - 5 to 6 books at a time! Woah! I couldn't keep up. Girl, you are busy, busy. I'm tired from just reading all you do!

    Mindy - Usually when I'm reading a good book, I'm not writing. It's like I take a break from my story to read someone else's. I'm beginning to look for writerly things when I'm reading, wondering how the author brought that kind of tension into the story, what they did to build it, I'm looking for the character arch.
    Okay - maybe if I'm noticing this in someone else's work, I can guide it in my own story.

    4-6 books a week, Wendy? You are speedy. And like you, once I find a new author or one that's been a round, I'll read everything by that person. I guess that's what the publishers and the authors want us to do, right?

    And okay, okay Wendy - I'll move the meter up. (I forgot to do it the other night! Sorry!) BTW, one of these days I plan to state some solid goals on my blog. I think you can help me be accountable for reaching those goals.

    Speaking of being accountable, how's Lindi doing with her word meter. I've been slacking and not keeping up with her either. Let me just pass the accountable rod on over to her :)

  5. Let's see, I cheat. I read as much as I can and if it's really good, I can't go to bed until I skim the last few chapters. Then I can go to bed. Otherwise, I'll stay up all night reading it. If it's nonfiction, I can read 2-3 books at a time and take forever to finish. Fiction books don't last that long in my hands. I finish them quickly.

    I do find that reading cuts into my writing time, so I have to be selective.

  6. Jenn - When you say you cheat and read the last pages it makes me think of the movie "When Harry Met Sally."

    Harry always read the last pages but I think it was in case he died before he got to the end! One of my favorite movies!

    anyway, I can agree with you on Non-fiction. I'll skip through those books and they'll be around forever before I finish.

    Yep, a good fiction definitely cuts into my writing time, which is why Cousin Wendy hasn't seen my word count meter go up.